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    Hello and 5ton questions

    I have been driving my M817 Dump Truck around town and moving some fill here and there. I have the Michelin XZL 53" 16.00 R20 on Hemitt rims on it. I like the fact that its shorter then my M54 or M813. Ya its a little airier inside then the 923 cab but its simple to work on and its not a Caddy...
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    M35A2 Registrations, In NY

    I just registered my M817 dump truck. i did it by mail due to covid. I sent in a Vin pencil trace and the bill of sale from Gov liq from back in 2003. I didnt have a SF97 just a bill of sale. I identified that it was a 1971 based on the info from this forum. I got commercial plates and added i...
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    MRAP Rims on a Deuce bolt question

    Thanks thats all good input . I ordered from Copperstate. i was going to order the flange nuts but they were 4.59 each and the bolts were only 3.27 each for the 14 pitch fine tread, so i went with the bolts washers and reg nuts all gread 5
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    MRAP Rims on a Deuce bolt question

    Thanks for that ill look into those.
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    MRAP Rims on a Deuce bolt question

    I finally got around to mounting the MRAP Rims on the Deuce. Based on some reading here i reached out to Copper State Bolt and nut as they seem to have a good price. It takes 10 - 1 inch bolts for each to mount the adapter plates to the rim. The rim measured 1 1/4 thick plus the 3/8 Adapter...
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    Graves Mountain Rally (Virginia), Labor Day Weekend 2020

    What a great event. I was down in the area with my trailer to grab some tires. On Saturday I stopped by the event and met Cabell and several of the participants of the event. They really put on a nice event. I look forward to next year maybe heading down with a truck and camp for the weekend...
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    Graves Mountain Rally Buy-Sell-Trade

    Looking for some hemit rims or combat rims also cab bows and soft top for the m35 and m817
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    Graves Mountain Rally Buy-Sell-Trade

    Interested in the set up for my 1971 dump. I should be up on saturday or maybe sunday M817 troop seats, bows, fitted covers (NOS, also fit 900 series five ton dumps)
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    Graves Mountain Rally Buy-Sell-Trade

    I might be interested in a tool set. Ill be up i think on saturday or sunday
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    M916a1 modified for daily use.

    I really like the whole set up. You did a great job on the hitch I like the way you did the hitch.
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    DIY camper box construction- what sizes/wall thickness steel or alu have you used?

    I just started following this tread. Just thinking but what Rusty said on tread 24 about buses and rivets. What if you cut the back section off a bus so you have the large door and back panel. If you changed the window design area you could loose the bus look, The roof is already rounded. I...
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Thanks Fasttruck for that info. The interior is a green that is brownish but the entire paint on the truck is real thin, Its almost like its sun faded off but not sure. Ill post a pic tomorrow of the inside. I put an emergency cable in it today using the TM helped with adjusting it properly it...
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    M-817 Dump Charging issue

    Wes I found out what was wrong with the shorted brush issue. The problem was me. Good lesson for those reading. So when I took off the brushes so I could clean up the slip rings. The brush assembly that has the two brushes on the right can be installed 180 degrees flipped over which creates the...
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    M-817 Dump Charging issue

    Ill swap one out tomorrow so I can move dirt and investigate that 33si alt conversion. I thought I saw a post were they have a hole kit for like 160. Just found it but don't know how to link it here for others. It was swamp donkey that posted it.
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