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    M916a1 modified for daily use.

    I really like the whole set up. You did a great job on the hitch I like the way you did the hitch.
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    M35A2 dash panel

    Looking forward to meeting you in april ill remind you prior to the event. Thanks so much
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    M35A2 dash panel

    Ill be in Louisville for the knob creek gun shoot april 2,3,4. I would like to take you to dinner and pick up the panel as I need some parts. I will also throw you some money for other items you might want to part with. I need a soft top frame as well.
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    DIY camper box construction- what sizes/wall thickness steel or alu have you used?

    I just started following this tread. Just thinking but what Rusty said on tread 24 about buses and rivets. What if you cut the back section off a bus so you have the large door and back panel. If you changed the window design area you could loose the bus look, The roof is already rounded. I...
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Thanks Fasttruck for that info. The interior is a green that is brownish but the entire paint on the truck is real thin, Its almost like its sun faded off but not sure. Ill post a pic tomorrow of the inside. I put an emergency cable in it today using the TM helped with adjusting it properly it...
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    M-817 Dump Charging issue

    Wes I found out what was wrong with the shorted brush issue. The problem was me. Good lesson for those reading. So when I took off the brushes so I could clean up the slip rings. The brush assembly that has the two brushes on the right can be installed 180 degrees flipped over which creates the...
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    M-817 Dump Charging issue

    Ill swap one out tomorrow so I can move dirt and investigate that 33si alt conversion. I thought I saw a post were they have a hole kit for like 160. Just found it but don't know how to link it here for others. It was swamp donkey that posted it.
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    M-817 Dump Charging issue

    Thanks Wes for the info. Ill try and find some relays based on your numbers. Hay will a alt from a deuce work I have a few Deuces iam not using but not sure if they interchange with the 5 tons?
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    M-817 Dump Charging issue

    Hi Guys, So My dump isn't charging. LEECE -NEVILLE A001 3002 AE 60 Amp alt. Ill explain what I did and hopefully some one can help out a bit. I started by reading the TM related to the charging system. Test 3 & 4 which is power is present to the wire at the alt with ign switch On and test 4...
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    conversion of 4 batteries to 2?

    I have used many of the cheaper trickle chargers which will over charge if you leave them on. I found using a cheap 110 timer from home depot works to eliminate that in the off season. Ill set it for like 1 hr a day and it keeps them up. I need a lot of them so its a way to not buy so many...
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    I moved 30 loads of millings and concrete today. This truck loves weight. Once I get done getting the site work done for the new 60 X 125 building this dump will get redone and i plan on driving it alot. It drives great I really like it. We have been blessed with good weather in the Buffalo area...
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    I got my Dump out of storage. It hasn't run since 2005 when I drove it home from Columbus Ohio and then parked it. I greased it flushed the brake system, new batteries Put on some 53's I picked up in Cape Cod last month. Yesterday I put the wood sides on. The plan is to move a 100 loads of...
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    Determinining which is in system Dot 3 or Dot5 empty master cylinder

    When I picked up one of my trucks years ago I had to use some dot 3 to get it home. Later on I blow air through the lines with the bleeders open. It seemed to get all the liquid out of the cylinders. I then power bleed it with fresh dot 5. I agree that the power bleeder wont move enough fluid...
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    New Deuce Tires & Wheels Question...

    MVpartsstore,com has the adapter plates for $87 each and for 95 each you can get them powder coated green or black. They look nice but haven't seen one in person. Hope that helps.
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    Galvanized Deuce Wheels

    Really nice job Rusty. That's a great addition to the truck.
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