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    LMTV Air Conditioner

    I have all the parts. compressor is a enhanced 4402
  2. m-35tom

    Maryland - M1078 Title and Tags

    With historic plates you will barely be able to drive it. Lots of restrictions. Technically, former military vehicles are not allowed on roads in Maryland.
  3. m-35tom

    M35A3 Hydraulic Power steering for an A3, call me.
  4. m-35tom

    1078 LMTV A0 windshield wiper

    To move the arm just take the nut off and put pressure on the arm sideways and wiggle it. To get to the linkage take the PCP out and remove the heater assembly plus maybe the instrument panel. It is really pretty easy.
  5. m-35tom

    A0 High Speed Gears - Speedometer Dip Switch Adjustment

    This should be very simple. Hook up a scope and find pulses per mile. Set up a benchtop pulse generator to the calculated PPM you want and start flipping to find the pattern of the switch settings.
  6. m-35tom

    M1078 LMTV planetary hub setup

    truck will not be drivable, no power.
  7. m-35tom

    Confirming I have the right AC pulley.

    50 ft lbs torque for 12.9 class
  8. m-35tom

    Confirming I have the right AC pulley.

    yes you need longer bolts, they are about 1/4" longer.
  9. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    almost everything is available in the form of raw parts, you need to be creative and put them together.
  10. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    Yes, $65 shipped plus you will need 2 spall fans. Don't cheap out on the fans, these are made in Italy and are the same as OEM.
  11. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    There are no existing mounts, I mounted it to the radiator frame. Easiest to remove the radiator from the truck to do this since you will have the shroud and fan off already.
  12. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    I had them in parallel but ended up with just one and it is fine. 22" x 22" aftermarket condenser for less than $70
  13. m-35tom

    A warning to those doing the A/C conversion

    proper torque for those bolts is 55 ft lbs. when you look up a 12.9-10mm bolt the torque may be given in Nm (75) converts to 55 ft lbs. I had no issues at all.
  14. m-35tom

    Transmission seal leak

    It goes at least 34" high, does M-35 trans easily.
  15. m-35tom

    Transmission seal leak

    harbor freight sells 2000 lb trans jack, used to be $200 on sale. very well built.
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