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    Harris RF-3183 Ham 2m issues in Hmmwv

    So I bought the RF-3183 setup and cant get it to work with a Yeasu 2m radio. The Yeasu has a bnc adapter and is plugged in the VHF port on the antenna base. I have swapped radios, cables, vhp/uhf ports, swapped antenna bases (truck has two), grounded the antenna base, with no luck. I can...
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    Current SF97 wait time?

    I picked up a 1123 from Barstow on 10/18/19. Its been over two months and I haven't heard a thing?.
  3. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    NEVADA Senate Bill 356 RE: registration of certain retired military vehicles

    Looks liked it passed and DMV needs 25 people to sign up to create the new plates. Good News!!
  4. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    HMMWV Heater Fan Switch

    Pm 86humv. He had dozens of the parts I needed in his yard.
  5. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Unknown straps by radio tray and SL3 gear layout?

    That makes sense behind the seat but this truck is a high back 2 door cargo.
  6. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Unknown straps by radio tray and SL3 gear layout?

    I was issued an m1097a2 for a short period of time before I out and it came with all kinds of new stuff. Like the jack mount by the tire and a max axe to replace the old pioneer rack. So 20 years later I am trying to setup my M1123 to have all of the accessories my old truck had. So my first...
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    The kloppk WiFi Module Thread 802A/803A

    I got my kit installed this last weekend. The only issue I had was a couple gauges that were not labeled. Luckily the very complete manual included the wire numbers to match up to. I hooked it up via two wire to an Outback Radian that provides all of our power off grid. Now on snow days, the...
  8. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Usmc m1030b1

    This thread brings back memories for me!
  9. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    Submitted 8/4, approved 10/10. First EUC in over a decade.
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    Barstow Pickup, help/advice, Google maps sucks

    The Nebo annex security building was on the right hand side before the gate. They inspected my auction documents, license, reg, insurance, then my truck.
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    Barstow Pickup, help/advice, Google maps sucks

    Here is the map link where I just picked up from GP; Years ago with GL, I picked up a deuce near the address you gave. It was a pain going through security.
  12. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    Yermo GP Location

    Here is the map link;,-116.9150612,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c463c05e432fc9:0xd79b54da090f6f4a!8m2!3d34.9019864!4d-116.9073901
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    M1123 winch options

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what winch fits this plate? Is it a bolt in or does it require frame extensions/other modification. Thanks in advance!
  14. M1028A1ShelterCarrier

    WD40 paint refresh

    Will this also work on a camo soft top?
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