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    REV truck?

    I am definitely going to buy a non-runner REV B truck for spare parts and stash it away.
  2. M1165A1

    REV truck?

    As far as I know, the serial number range is dispositive. All 3xxxxx series feature REV B upgrades. But word of caution, there are some trucks with other serial number ranges above 4xxxxx. I have no data on whether those are REV B. The ones I have seen with those numbers have been models...
  3. M1165A1

    M970 series of unfortunate events

    Wow that's unfortunate, sorry about that.
  4. M1165A1

    REV truck?

    Yep, serial number in the 3xx,xxx range. And I wouldn't say stupid - a 3xxxxx M1165A1 that looked pretty complete and running with doors went last week for $46K hammer price (54K with premium). That's about the nicest kind of truck you can get out of the auction, expensive but not stupid money.
  5. M1165A1

    Headlight question.....not LED's

    I would suggest throwing the incandescents in the trash and getting a nice pair of Trucklite brand LEDs. In terms of bang for buck that's one of the best HMMWV upgrades you can make. ;)
  6. M1165A1

    Rear winch suggestions

    Sorry I should have posted a photo but am away this week - I will try and get one together. But the one below (from the Black Dog website) is pretty much identical to mine other than the color. Mine is on an airflift bumper vs the mount shown below. And I do have a Rhino tire carrier but I...
  7. M1165A1

    Rear winch suggestions

    I had considered the rear winch plate but I don't think I can run that and the civilian tow hitch adapter, and I need that to move around a trailer. Does anyone know if you can have both?
  8. M1165A1

    Rear winch suggestions

    McSpeed’s thread on getting stuck has me considering adding a rear winch to my M1165A1. I do go in the backcountry a lot and getting stuck is a real concern. I will shortly have a 17K front mount winch permanently installed. I am just toying with options, but I am wondering what people who...
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    BFGoodrich Baja TA vs Goodyear Wrangler MT?

    There has been an advisory on MT/Rs for catastrophic sidewall failures that have led to rollovers and deaths.
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    Registering in Colorado

    There is a lot of nonsense in this thread about Montana registration insurance and LLC ownership so let me set the record straight. 1. A sole asset LLC that owns a vehicle in Montana is absolutely legitimate and will be respected by courts if you are sued. Unfortunately the driver of the...
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    Humvee down! Major stuck off road (video)

    I wanted to watch and wanted to be smug that I can't get stuck once I get my front winch in place, but your narration makes me unhappy I haven't put on a rear mounted winch too.
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    HMMWVs in Ukraine, intense video

    It's combat footage, so you are warned if you click through . . . several armored HMMWVs in combat in Ukraine. Also lots of American weaponry around the HMMWV.
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    Pawn Stars look at a HMMWV

    Back on track, I found that out the hard way test driving a buddy’s 6.5/4. I wouldn’t say the 6.5 Turbo is fast, but at least I am not in the right lane with 4 ways on being passed by loaded semis!
  14. M1165A1

    REV truck?

    The REV B parts are getting more expensive - and in the case of a couple bits, hard to find - but overall they represent a vast improvement over earlier models. The real question is cost: higher upfront cost, and higher maintenance costs -- and is that worth it you? That depends on your...
  15. M1165A1

    Pawn Stars look at a HMMWV

    From their new spin-off show, "Pawn Stars Do America". Advance to about 36:43 for the scene. The Pawn Stars passed. I would have also - the 6.5 non-turbo doesn't have the juice to run up and down I-70 in Colorado.
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