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    WTB M151a2 Fuel Pump

    Good afternoon I am looking for a fuel pump for a M151a2. Let me know what you have I prefer USGI the commercial one I just put in stopped working after a couple days. Thanks again
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    M151A2 60 Amp generator

    Good afternoon I recently found a 60 amp generator for a spare but the top mounting tab is broken. Can the new parts in this one be rebuilt into am old one or did I just buy a paperweight. If not I will probably just return this one. Thanks for any info
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    Carburetor inlet fitting leak

    Thanks for getting that I would like to give you something for your time and postage here is my information and thanks again David Fernandez 1216 Richmond Ridge Loganville ,GA 30052
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    Carburetor inlet fitting leak

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    Carburetor inlet fitting leak

    So if I cannot locate the correct fitting is it ok toput the filter directly to the carburetor? I found the correct Fram filters evidently they still make and sell them for about 3 dollars each
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    Carburetor inlet fitting leak

    The fitting with the lock nut is the original. The shorter one is the NAPA part
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    Carburetor inlet fitting leak

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    Carburetor inlet fitting leak

    Good morning I am having an issue with the fuel inlet valve leaking fuel om my M151a2 pre emission set up. I found that the brass 30 degree fuel inlet valve had stripped threads. i could not find a replacement for he original part. I went to NAPA and got a close copy but but shorter and you can...
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