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    Disappointed, saw the title and thought this was a how-to thread...
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    MEP-1030 Mouse Proofing & MEP-10XX WiFi Remote Start

    You do nice work, Kurt!
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    Mep-802a. Any reason not to drive ground rod?

    Code in my area calls for additional grounds at detached buildings (which are tied into the panel and structure), but one and only one point of bonding (service entrance, before first use). I sorted through this topic a while back in this post...
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    10kw gen. no power to control panel

    What's a CK?
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    MEP-803a 60 amp connection?

    Interested to see what you come up with, that is a sturdy looking connector!
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    MEP-803a 60 amp connection?

    Here's what I did: outlet-plug-for-my-803
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    MEP-803a panel lights flickering

    In my case, because the minimum order from DigiKey is 25, so you'll have extras!
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    MEP-803a panel lights flickering

    My diode stopped diode-ing, CR1 measured 1.8 ohms both directions. Replaced CR1 and CR2 with new doubled-up diodes and lights/pump are steady as a rock now. Ready for the next hurricane, thanks guys! -- Carl
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    Mep 1040- observations

    Maybe with such low hours the rings aren't seated good yet? I know they need break in oil for a while when new...
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    MEP-803a panel lights flickering

    Jumping MT-4 makes no difference. @Guyfang I hear you about vibration, but it happens without the engine running, just the fuel pump running, and on the other hand can go for long periods of time with the engine running without a problem it doesn't seem to add up. I'm going to replace the...
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    MEP-803a panel lights flickering

    I found that batteries in my meter were dead, so ignore previous reading. I got 0.2 ohms between gauges, 0.2 ohms gauge to panel ground, and 1.2 ohms panel ground to main engine ground. The problem is intermittent so it might be in that path but we're just not seeing it at the moment. Will...
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    MEP-803a panel lights flickering

    Thanks @nextalcupfan for all the measurements, you make a good point. Will try to fit in some generator quality time tomorrow evening and get back with results.
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    MEP-803a panel lights flickering

    I've got odds and ends, tell me what you have in mind.
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    MEP-803a panel lights flickering

    Thanks Kurt, If it was a snake it would have bit me! 🙂 Here's a pic. So, disconnect battery, take this thing apart and clean it?
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    MEP-803a panel lights flickering

    Okay, tried unplugging the pump. No variation in the lights with the pump unplugged and the switch in the prime and run position, engine not running. I repeated the test with the aux pump running, but not the engine, and it behaves the same way as when the main pump is in the circuit. That is...
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