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    stencils wanted

    I have had good luck here.
  2. M35A2-AZ

    M923 fuse box location??

    Sorry the photo is not zoomed in that much, but they are in this area.
  3. M35A2-AZ

    A/C new install

    I did some ac's in my 5-tons and the air coming out was in the 30's, You may need a little more R134a.
  4. M35A2-AZ

    Arizona rallies, anybody?

    Welcome to AZ, Yes we normally have a MV show the end of January, in 2021 we are not sure what is going to happen. We are planing a show. Here is our club web site.
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    Engine Temperature Gauge Problem

    If you put a ohm meter on the sending unit you should see it move as it heats up.
  6. M35A2-AZ

    Engine Temperature Gauge Problem

    From a cold start you will not see the gauge move at idle. If you drive it 2-3 miles it should start to move up.
  7. M35A2-AZ

    Aftermarket VDO Gauges

    Very nice job! Do they log mileage and hours also?
  8. M35A2-AZ

    AZ 5 Ton Wheels New

  9. M35A2-AZ

    AZ M939 Replacement Labels

  10. M35A2-AZ

    M35A2 Transmission Fluid Change

    I have been using this oil it is a GL-4, it has been working great, easy to shift. CRC 24239 Multi-Purpose Gear Oil 85W90 SAE-Gallon,
  11. M35A2-AZ

    Air brake connections- Teflon paste or Teflon tape?

    Parker fitting come with the "red" sealant on them also.
  12. M35A2-AZ

    Air brake connections- Teflon paste or Teflon tape?

    If you use the tape you may get little parts of the tape in your air system, use paste.
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