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    Need some help on identifying some marks on M886

    NG0LC2 is the US Army registration for that vehicle. The camouflage is MERDEC Winter Verdant Green 34079 Field Drab (brown) 30118 Sand 30277 Black 37038 Look in the manuals forum for TB 43-0147, which is the manual for MERDEC (often called 4-colour) camo. There is an official pattern for the...
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    As stated above, all military CUCV duallys were conversions. M1028A2s were also converted from M1028A1s. The only real difference between an A2 and an A3 is the transfer case. That said, there are dually Chevys out there that were military, but are not CUCVs, they are just similar Chevy 4x4...
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    USMC the end of the tanks

    I see both sides of the argument. There are valid points for a "lighter more mobile" force, but sometimes you need a tank to do a tank's job. The light armour is fairly easy to defeat, particularly with today's weaponry that is available to foot soldiers. And from past Marine experience...
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    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Various trailers need an auxiliary power wire to provide for equipment items they might have. In the case of my FHT (Humvee 5th-wheel shelter carrier) 37 provides the 24v needed to power the electric brakes. The downside was that the M1028A2 I pull it with didn't have power to the 37 pin on...
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    Won a MKT90 today on GSA!!! What %#$& do I do with it?

    Putting a good tarp over it, well secured all around to keep things from flapping, is a very good idea. As is keeping things at low speed. We're all now waiting for the vicarious pleasure of seeing what's inside! Cheers
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    Deuce-LMTV Size Comparison

    They really are pretty close in bed size, the FMTVs are just really tall, and the cab is enormous by M35 standards. The cargo cover itself is about 11" taller than an M35's. I put an MTV cover on my M813, the sides came most of the way down the bed. (M813 and M35 fitted cargo covers are the...
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    Source for quality replacement floormat

    Me too, but I was an M60 gunner. Semper Fi, brother!
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    Source for quality replacement floormat

    If you try again, the LMC is good, but you do have to work it a bit with heat. Well worth the effort. 0331 USMC-style? Cheers
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    Deuce-LMTV Size Comparison

    Here are a couple of a deuce behind an LMTV. I don't want to embarrass Reloader64, so I won't mention that his deuce quit on the way home from Temple, and I towed him back to DrJay's shop. ;) Cheers
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    Lockheed T33 well some of it

    There is a guy near me with the fuselage of a Mig-21 UTI (2-seater) in his driveway. So, Setoyota, how do you get in it to play? :p Cheers
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    Source for quality replacement floormat

    I bought it from LMC about 10 days ago. It is the 'high hump' version, appropriate to all 4WD trucks. Part number is below. The TC shifter hole isn't cut out, I just cut a diagonal X in the rubber when it was all snugged down to stick the shifter through. I decided not to cut around the fire...
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    Another Oh-58

    That is so cool! looking forward to seeing your progress. Those were fun to fly. Cheers
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    Proper slobber tube /Road Draft Tube routing?

    I don't know about the manual. but all three of my deuces have the tube in front of the front axle, extending to about the level of the pumpkin bottom. The M185 had the longest tube, it extended well below. The other two are just a bit shorter. Attached is a picture of the M185 during...
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    M151a1 ROMAD's jeep

    As Maccus said, the 65Kxxxx is the registration. 65 means the Air Force took that vehicle onto its inventory in 1965. It is not necessarily the year the vehicle was built. For example, if they took on 25 former Army 1964 build jeeps in 1965, while awaiting their own new ones, the old Army...
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    Source for quality replacement floormat

    I haven't put them in my 1009s, but I just installed a floor mat from LMC in my 1028. I took it out of the box and unrolled it out across the hood to sit in the sun for half an hour. That softens it and gets any wrinkles out. Be careful, it also gets quite hot! Then we laid it in on the...
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