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    M151a1 ROMAD's jeep

    I bet you have found this web page as it has a very good set of pictures of the M151A1 with the MRC-108 equipment setup. We did not have the trailers as we were not a fixed operating outfit. I do not know how the radio equipment got installed but it looked very much like a factory install...
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    M151a1 ROMAD's jeep

    This should just about answer all your questions. USAF MRC-108 Communications Jeep
  3. maccus

    M151a1 ROMAD's jeep

    The 65Kxxxx markings were the Air Force assigned vehicle identification registration and were not the vehicles VIN. The VIN numbers were on the data plate and on the frame. Both the M38A1 and M151A1 and later M151A2 units were used in VN. Also there were AN/MRC-108 equipped Dodge crew cab...
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    M151a1 ROMAD's jeep

    The radio gear was a AN/MRC-108. The radio maint. van for the equipment was a AN/GRC-32. At FT. Benning in 64-65 we had 2 M38A1 jeeps with that gear in them. Same equipment exactly as the M151A1s had in them at that time. In July 65 we did get a M151A1 equiped unit. I was the NCO in charge...
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    Old Guy, New Member, Western South Dakota

    Nice to see you in the hills area. Retired AF (1984) also. If you need some manuals and a lot of other stuff give me a shout. I have a Strata blue M35 at this time in the pole barn and way to much other stuff. Need to send some of it down the road. I do not read the general posts often so...
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    1957 Utica Bend Restoration

    Just got off of the phone with Clinto. Come and get the truck Jim, Clinto said he has to much stuff on his shovel at this time. So anytime you want to pick it up is fine with me. Will see if I can get Vic to be there also as he has the heavy equipment that might be needed to load the truck...
  7. maccus

    1957 Utica Bend Restoration

    Got to looking at this old thread today. Since I started this thread I have done 3 more "Last truck I am going to do" projects. A Marine M37, An AF blue M35a2, and a Marine M931A2. The 1957 Utica Bend and its new running REO engine is sitting in the storage area pretty much untouched...
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    1951 M48 Tractor recovery

    Jim if you want the 1957 M35 just come up and get it. I will probably never get to it. As you know it is totally without any rust. It would look good in the new PB. I still have that running gasser REO engine in the pole barn. So it should take very little to get it going.
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    Looking for information on multimeters, regular or one that also clips around wires? Don’t know much so brand, if permitted, model etc thanks.

    In the 1960s while working for HP Loveland division as a electronic tech I was in charge of the final electronic testing group that did the final test of the HP 428B clip on amp meter. It is an old unit but I still see them for sale on the net. It is just what is needed to troubleshoot a...
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    Working on the M38 next.

    Did I read some where early in this thread that you were not going to go "Crazy" with this restoration? Hummm Does that mean this time unlike the M37 project you will not replace every bolt with a new grade eight, fine thread like you did with the M37? Must be a family related affliction ...
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    M105 Troop Seats

    I did a set in 2003. I had a large pile of seats for CUCVs and used the hardware to fabricate the needed metal. I had to extend the legs as the sides on the 105 are a bit higher than the deuce or CUCV sides are are. The wood I had made of oak using a deuce seat board as a sample. Here are...
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    AF Blue M35

    The trip to the vets parade on the 11th did not happen for the blue truck. On Sunday the 10th at 10pm local the state, county etc. all pulled their plows off of the road. As it rained, froze then dumped 6-8 inches of snow on all the roads between Custer and Rapid City. As we all know the NDT...
  13. maccus

    AF Blue M35

    Got the tower signals decal Friday and here is a pic of one mounted on the truck. As mentioned it is not exactly like the one that Jeff posted (the correct one) but was the best I could come up with using my limited skills cutting/pasting/etc. of stuff already on the net. PB tried to send a...
  14. maccus

    AF Blue M35

    Thanks Jeff for the picture. I will put my decal at the same location when it comes. Let me know if you want a decal for your AF truck when they come. Also let me know in a PM your mail address.
  15. maccus

    AF Blue M35

    Will get one out to you when they arrive. Good job on the jeep. I have long wondered where the two we had at the Benning TACP in 64-65 went. Both M38A1s were procured off of a Marine contract and were VC-104 outfitted. (with MRC 108 type radios etc.). One was Strata blue and the other was...
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