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    New M561 in family

    Man, that sucker was in storage a while - look at the size of those spider webs! Subscribed, looking forward to updates.
  2. maddawg308

    Engine quits suddenly -M37

    Perhaps vapor lock? I remember there was a metal shield between my M37's exhaust manifold and the fuel pump to prevent this, it commonly gets lost or removed by Bubba and then the vapor lock starts up.
  3. maddawg308

    Trailer identification

    I just uploaded the 1957 edition of TM 9-8242 Maintenance for 10-ton M345 trailer, to the TM upload section. Hope it helps...
  4. maddawg308

    TM 9-8242, Maintenance for M345, 10-ton, 4-wheel flatbed trailer, 1957

    Operation Organizational Maintenance and Ordnance Field and Depot Maintenance for 10-ton, 4-Wheel Flat Bed Trailer, M345. 1957 edition.
  5. maddawg308

    Trailer identification

    A couple applicable manuals I found the numbers online for this trailer would be: TM 9-8242, Operation Organizational Maintenance, and Ordnance Field And Depot Maintenance 10-Ton 4-Wheel Flat Bed Trailer M345, 1957 and TM 9-2330-241-14&P, OPERATOR`S, ORGANIZATIONAL, DIRECT SUPPORT AND...
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    Trailer identification

    It is a neat trailer, with a heavy cargo capacity, but it is VERY heavy, and the deck is very high. If I remember correctly, this trailer was originally designed for one of the mobile cranes to tow behind it, to carry the clamshell bucket and other misc. heavy crane stuff. It doesn't appear...
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    Hello from Maryland!

    Welcome from the northern Shenandoah Valley! It's an addictive site - LOTS of info on all makes and models of military vehicles. The amount of collective knowledge among our members is staggering. If there's any way we can help you out, please feel free to ask!
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    M416B Trailer

    I 2nd the restore it as a B model trailer. I think those are for the M422 Mighty Mite jeep. Uncommon and would be neat to bring back original. If you wanted something for a camping trailer, offroad jeep trailers that do not have any military pedigree or historical significance are all over...
  9. maddawg308

    Contact needed re: Vendor at Gilbert Show

    Not I - don't even know where Tunkhannock PA is. Wishing you luck in your search.
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    M125 Cargo Truck Cummins V8 300 Powered

    Sometimes you have to make small steps forward to make progress at all. I have been living a similar situation on this end for several years - I had to liquidate all my MVs, radio equipment, tools, etc. in order to stay afloat. It's a long road uphill but I am making progress as you have been...
  11. maddawg308

    Another WC63 found...

    You're lucky you live in the Pacific NW - after WWII a PILE of surplus equipment and trucks ended up in your corner of the US to work the rest of their lives in the logging industry. Even with all the rain (and subsequently, rust) that you get, there are still a lot more WWII rigs in your area...
  12. maddawg308

    New Member From Virginia

    Welcome from the Front Royal, VA, top entrance for the Skyline Drive! I hope to get back into MVs soon, I previously had a CUCV M1009, I miss it and might be looking for another as my way back into the hobby. They are good solid trucks, nothing fantastic and they have their quirks and faults...
  13. maddawg308

    Another WC63 found...

    And just like that, there's your windshield frame! Use the parts you need for your first one, taken from the 2nd. When your 1st one is all restored, part out the rest of the 2nd to others that need spare parts for theirs. Unfortunately, such is the nature of a lot of hobbies involving old...
  14. maddawg308

    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    Helluva transformation! Went from a pile of scrap to a show winner, IMHO. Great work!
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