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    Portal Axle Seal Help (in driveway now)

    Thanks for the explanation. I was just planning on doing this project myself after I get my starter issues worked out as I have one leaking as well. I appreciate the part numbers and explanation.
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    starter electric gremlins??

    Thanks! I've logged several trips to the starter shop now. I'm leaning toward buying a totally rebuilt one and fixing this one as a backup or selling it as a core. The starter keeps making me feel nervous I'm going to get stranded somewhere and I need the truck for some projects I'm doing.
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    starter electric gremlins??

    Here is a video of testing the starter. I’m thinking it’s spinning on the shaft. It started this time and we tried it 3-4 times after that and it didn’t spin but started with kind of a clunk as the starter gear engaged forward. I’m thinking it’s time for a new rebuilt starter.
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    starter electric gremlins??

    Hi All. My starter and I are in a love hate relationship. I posted a while back that my starter wasn't fully engaging on my '93 M998 6.2L. Long story short I pulled it, took it to the starter shop and they rebuilt it fully and found that burrs had made their way into the starter and were...
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    Towing weight equation- Do I need trailer brakes?

    One of the biggest advantages of the brakes beyond handling extra weight is the help it offers keeping the trailer from jack-knifing around you under hard braking. The weight your listing in my mind is kind of borderline from my experience. Its the gray area where brakes might not really be...
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    Wiring for a trailer

    I ordered the adapter from I have no affiliation with them but the mounted converter worked great and also maintains the military socket for resale value sake. It is not cheap but very well made and also gives you the future ability to add trailer brakes and a controller if needed.
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    Electric Fuel lift pump

    It would have been great to have you stop past, but I may have had you help me push the intake manifold back in! It was a bear this weekend getting it back in myself after fixing some injector pump leaks. Mainly due to trying to work on the very center of the engine bay.
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    Do all 6.5's have a valley drain?

    When my lines were leaking from the IP I discovered the drain was the accelerator, steering wheel or brake. All were highly effectively at getting all the leaked diesel that pooled directly onto my exhaust, starter, inner doghouse cover and then seeping into the cab.
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    Electric Fuel lift pump

    Thanks for posting the research article. It was nice it compared some of the homemade ideas like ATF and used motor oil in their testing. Right now I use optilube which I buy by the case from the website that funds Jeff Bezos’s alimony. It adds a few dollars a tank but is easy to keep in the...
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    Electric Fuel lift pump

    I had read the additives were important to help lubricate the injector pump in older engines when using ultra-low sulfur diesel. Is that true or old wives tales?
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    Injector pump leak

    I'm hoping to not look at the injector pump for a while! We've spent a little too much quality time together! It appears the engine and injector was put in 2014 per the rebuild stickers I have found in different spots from the shop that worked on them at Ft Polk.
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    Injector pump leak

    Bringing this thread to closure. First all leaks are fixed (yes I know... for now). So I took the intake off which gave a much clearer view of the injector pump. I took off the lines for 5 (the leaking one) and 7 so I could access the port on the injector. The lines and ports looked great...
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    Luverne Style Brush Guard material dimension question for a custom build!

    Take a look at this thread here. Has all the dimensions, material requirements, etc. I build mine this year and its held up well. In the pictures in the thread you can see what I did for simple mounts that still allow it to drop. I painted mine with bedliner which is cheap and dries quick...
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    Max Tire Width

    The increase in height of tire is divided by two. Half that increase goes above the axel, half goes down, correct? Its radius (half of diameter) you care about. So from a 37" tire to a 39.5" tire the overall radius of the tire increases (39.5-37)/2 = 1.25" With a 2" body lift the clearance...
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    Injector pump leak

    I really appreciate your help. The past few "2hr" projects became half day three trips to autozone projects so I'm trying to be better informed and prepared this time! Rock Auto had the gaskets for $12 so I have those on the way.
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