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    Too Late!

    I'd love to be the one doing that enforcing. STOP THE VEHICLE OR BE SHOT.
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    Paint for Deuce

    Thanks, I think I'll just buy it when I can afford it ,and spray it on as soon as possible from what you're telling me.
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    OLD military generators

    Thanks recovry 4x4. Disston was a rather large company in their day, the Henry disston company which was the original name produced MANY differnt models of chainsaws, one of which was a DA 211, which had 2 cylinders, and was reliable as gravity.
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    Paint for Deuce

    Ok, I'm wanting to know, so I can repaint all my vehicles the same color, what is the paint code for the OD green the army uses for their vehicles. What I wish to do, is repaint my trucks, both pickups, and possibly even the trailers I use, OD green. if someone would please help me out on...
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    "GREAT LIST " for picking up your Deuce!

    Trust nothing but your instincts, if you feel like something isnt right, it probably isnt. I had to learn this the hard way on my first personal vehicle, an 83 ranger that STILLL leaks oil after a total engine rebuild.
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    OLD military generators

    Anyone know if Mercury Disston built gensets for the military in the 40s and 50s? I know a guy who's got an engine painted army green, whats left of the paint anyhow. PLus I have to ask about Homelite too, I've heard they built generators for the army during ww2, two cycle engines and...
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    Top 10 US salvage yards for used parts and surplus for M35?

    sarafans in FL? where is this? please tell me, I'd like to visit and see what I can come home with.
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