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    Going to other Countries with an ex-milatary vehicle?

    Its pretty simple to me, WHY would you even consider this. Trying to travel into or thru these 3rd world countries with punk ass dictators or thugs for leaders and half witted border check points, all it takes is the suspecion of you leading or think about some form of insurection and we read a...
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    Bringing diesel generators back into service?

    Chainbreaker is so right here, the 300kw machine with Detroit Diesel, that at the least is a 450Hp engine or was at one time, more likely 530 or so Hp, not that, that is a fear factor, its just a caution and beware, and im just sure that all steel skid tank interior is very clean and no rust or...
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    Need help with mep802

    While we might "guess" what your calling the SWITCH will you identify it please. As for the 3 terminals on the starter, here again help us out, share the wire numbers that you have feeding the respective two terminals, Have you made the time to download the respective manual/s and review this...
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    Dummy load?

    I have several actual real loadbanks that will handle the 804 series, if your set is portable i'd be pleased to share the time and effort to help you, i have all the cable combinations and can make it very easy to set up and prove out. Alternate plan ?? for years i went with my home brew...
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    MEP 803a Engine Sludged Up

    Reset2 offers wisdom in a good suggestion where my sarcasm and attitude was no real help. His best point is well stated, if the owner/s did nothing in the past to help extend or protect the set, they will gag at really making meaningful repairs.. mm
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    Dummy load?

    I will "hold you're beer while you do this, and then explain to local authorities how it all happened.. best: mac/mc
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    MEP 803a Engine Sludged Up

    I think my time and sanity is worth far more than pissing it away trying to deal with this literal mess, and the unknown still to be discovered. These are not rare someone with common sense needs to step up and say JUNK time, expand your vision, at 6800 hours the IP is at its useful life before...
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    Schematic for 802A whole thing

    For me the easiest is the 2 schematics on the respective doors of the unit, every bit is there, as well the item legend. What I have done is removed the "plate" and cut out a matching oversize piece of campaign election yard sign and glued the plate onto one side of the coraplast yard sign...
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    MEP-803A won't start

    REF: the MPU set up.. what every one has offerd is correct, however, the tip of the MPU should hit onto the top of a flywheel tooth when your setting this up, for that you might well have to use some tool of your choice to move a "tooth" into the center area of your target range. Most often a...
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    What's the deal with the "Omni ID" RFID rectangles stuck to the front and back?

    yes I got a few of those and my guy scanned emm and bingo a lot of information popped up, solution, I peeled emm all off .. best mac/mc
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    Three phase / Single phase

    Yes this is all correct but only in a SINGLE PHASE setting, once we enter 3 phase the famous Sq root of 3 becomes the JUDGE thanx mac/mc
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    Three phase / Single phase

    No not at all, shud be just fine... I guess my post was hard to follow,.. left in the 208 range ur fine. and ur 240 appliances are fine .. it's when you adjust the output for 240 or abouts that your 120 follows near on a linear response.. do this measure your set 120 voltage at the 208...
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    "No Fuel" shutdown, has fuel

    It is sure sounding like one or so of the "floats" is stuck or maybe bad, bad id hard to do however. REMEMBER and I'm going from memory, each float is direction specific ^ v sketch it out when you pull the stick/stem out. Most often a stuck float is caused by residual fuel levels and inactivity...
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    Three phase / Single phase

    Yes this can be used and safely, and has been suggested my words multiple small junk loads will help more than not. The CAUTION here is if you get anal and want 240 volts and not the 208 as normal, your 240 loads will work just fine, while your 120 loads will not be a worry for very long, first...
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    V Regulator needed for MEP-803A 10kw

    No time like the present, I never waded in and understood this Quad winding scheme on these sets, what am i missing and what is the field winding that we cant fold in a old time or new model Basler regulator and just move away from the damn TRC anything. I have ranted before about sole source...
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