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    mgFray's HMMWV from Minnesota

    LOL the local Wrestling event ended up using the HMMWV for one of the wrestlers to “arrive” in. Apparently was a huge hit with the crowd.
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    mgFray's HMMWV from Minnesota

    Got my rapco 383 green just in time. Next parade is tomorrow and I wanted to clean up the bed for the people who have to sit there. At some point I’ll take out the cargo divider and paint it as well, but no time tonight.
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    Root cause of engine swap?!

    My feel, the vendors need to list if it's an actual domestic part or not. There are some vendors I only buy from occasionally "when I don't care". But for the most part Kascar and Mac Motors are my go-to places.
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    Root cause of engine swap?!

    Pretty typical to buy enough (IC) parts for US gov't orders and warehouse them. Then you can get a waver on 'made in the US', if you can show sufficient supply. (And as you said, there is the intel part of it as well to deal with, but can be addressed.). Just remember as you buy parts, use...
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    HMMWV Side Marker Blinker System!

    I missed this post back in July, but it's a good idea. On my RX-8 same problem. On the side you couldn't tell someone had the blinkers on. A quick wiring change (since side blinker is required in Japan), and suddenly people can see you are making a lane change, turning a corner, etc. A lot...
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    Anyone Swapped This 6 Speed 4L80e

    I assume bolt pattern, input shaft/torque converter, need to match the Detroit Diesel. So be aware that any old 6 speed won't necessarily "fit" without some sort of adapter.. maybe multiples. There was another thread in the hotrod section talking about putting in a a 6-speed. Might be a good...
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    Picked up an 09 M1123 and the power steering is wonky

    Any idea if the core is _really_ different then the CIV pump? Or is it just a higher tension bi-pass spring to keep the pressure up. (I'm assuming it would be different if it's higher pressure AND higher flow then a standard one.)
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    Where to find real CARC?

    As far as I know, as a civilian you aren't allowed to buy it. I've seen a lot of people using rapco products as well as other that are colorwise the same, just not 'CARC'.
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    Light switch mod for safety

    (looking at the pictures more closely.. It appears to be a civilian H1 made into a limo and then painted camo with military tires. The little bit of dash I can see looks like an H1.. and the front/back both have center marker lights like an H1.) So ANYWAY, back to the original thread. I was...
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    Light switch mod for safety No rainbow or swimming pool........
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    M1151A1 combat restraint parts / diagram

    On my M998 I was able to find a replacement set of seatbelts (3-pt) for the front of mine on ebay. (NOS, all tags matched the ones I replaced exactly..) New Universal 3 Point Seat Belt Lap/Shoulder Adjustable U.S. Made M998 HUMVEE I bought from this...
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    Picked up an 09 M1123 and the power steering is wonky

    I went out and took a picture. With the 200 AMP generator the top of the reservoir cap is hidden pretty good. To fill it you need a long neck funnel, also be careful to not OVER fill! (The manual has specifications on how to check the level. I don't remember offhand if it's check the level...
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    Light switch mod for safety

    (posted to the wrong thread.. ignore me)
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    Picked up an 09 M1123 and the power steering is wonky

    The reservoir is most likely on the hydraulic pump itself. Look straight down between the generator and the hose coming off the radiator. You should see a cap right on the pump. That is where you need to add fluid and keep it topped off. I looked and I only have a picture of the pump from...
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