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    Battery Tender Setup for a Deuce

    I always route the cord someway through the drivers door, saves me from buying new ones. :rolleyes:
  2. microjeep

    Carburetor inlet fitting leak

    Just pay it forward, I've been helped more than I can remember. I have access to a pile of old carbs let me know if you need anything else.
  3. microjeep

    Denton NC 2020 Buy/Sell

    driver, I'll take one of the axes
  4. microjeep

    UH-1M Seeking History of THIS Helicopter

    Post some photos please, thanks. and welcome to the site
  5. microjeep

    Carburetor inlet fitting leak

    pm me your address I'll put it in the mail tomorrow.
  6. microjeep

    CUCV Bed Cap

    Well, talking to previous owner this is not the one he had on the 1008, we will measure a 1008 bed in the morning to see if it fits, just let me know if you're interested in it. micro
  7. microjeep

    CUCV Bed Cap

    Have this, don't know much about it, was on M108 measures 71.75 X 99.5, previous owner welded 3" high spacer on front and sides (can be removed) if interested I will be happy to take more photos or measurements, looking for keys, in good condition $500 obo, located in North Ga
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    Info and adres wanted

    You'll be very close to Old Grouch in Clyde N.C. stop in and say Hi to Tim, within a couple of hours of Delks (Ashboro N.C.) and Jim Henry's Truck Sales (Albemarle N.C.) Both worth the trip.
  9. microjeep

    Denton NC 2020 Buy/Sell

    1009 CUCV parts class 3 receiver hitch $50 Pintal $10 Spare tire bracket $25 Crank Shaft turned 10/10 $50 Outer door rubbers X 2 $15 ea Make offers I gotta move the shop hopefully not this stuff.
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    2020 NC Rally-Denton Farm Park

    Can't wait, well I guess I gotta, see you guys there. If you haven't been before it is an awesome event, lots of stuff to buy, Cabel's gourmet MKT, the communal "story" fire , the BBQ run is very well orchestrated with great food, and just hanging out with awesome folks. Cabel put me down...
  11. microjeep

    Official NC Denton Rally 24-28 apr 2019

    No, I was going to start one soon if you like you can go ahead just link it to this thread please. There is neither a rally or buy sell thread yet
  12. microjeep

    California Peeps

    Howdy Cali Peeps, going to be in the San Jose area about a month, any suggestions on what to see/do? Any military museums, surplus stores or military vehicle places around? Thanks Micro
  13. microjeep

    Official NC Denton Rally 24-28 apr 2019

    Has a new thread been started? jkcondrey, me and michigandon seem to make Jim's every year you're welcome to tag along. Delk's and East coast tactical make good day trips also.
  14. microjeep

    Turned away from camp grounds??

    I travel for work and have a 2015 toy hauler, more and more I'm asked the year of my unit or told no more than 10-12 years old. Her's the deal, this is driven by the dollar, private campgrounds are a private FOR PROFIT business. Campgrounds that ask this are more often better kept and charge...
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