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    Findlay Ohio 2021 show, Sell, Trade, Wanted List/ May14-16

    Drivers windshield Drivers information center (idiot light display) Drivers door handle Grille And maybe in six months after the euc I'll know the rest.
  2. Monkeyboyarmy

    Another one gone.

    That's a good looking truck. Gimp would have looked good in it too.....and busy with it!
  3. Monkeyboyarmy

    Anyone near Vienna, Ga?

    What the hell was I thinking. I must have been thinking of buying something somewhere else. I'll give him a shout. Thanks
  4. Monkeyboyarmy

    Anyone near Vienna, Ga?

    Thanks Wes. Looked like welder1 was about 3 1/2 hrs I need to pick stuff up from him too. So I was looking for someone a bit closer. Sure do miss the member map.
  5. Monkeyboyarmy

    Anyone near Vienna, Ga?

    Bought a John Deere zero turn down there and looking to get it moved so I can come down on a weekend or something. Anyone near Vienna?
  6. Monkeyboyarmy

    Simp's M920 build thread

    I'm guessing you are doing that put there on the road?? Truck looks great Wes.
  7. Monkeyboyarmy

    6.5 Diesel Clunk When Shutting Off Engine

    Is this a separate clunk from the start system control box clunk?
  8. Monkeyboyarmy

    Got my HET today!

    I'll ride with you! :)
  9. Monkeyboyarmy

    Seat Upholstery Replacement

    Looks like those are for the rigid front seats and not the foldable ones.
  10. Monkeyboyarmy

    M915sr Nose question

    All of the AM General trucks, M915, A1, 916-920
  11. Monkeyboyarmy

    Aberdeen, Gilbert, Sussex 2021 MV shows...

    Probably just Aberdeen. I'll be so excited to finally make it to a swap meet that I'll be running from vendor to vendor and be all worn out.
  12. Monkeyboyarmy

    Simp's M920 build thread

    Dual voltage
  13. Monkeyboyarmy

    Simp's M920 build thread

    Where'd you find that gauge? Gotta have 1 or 10 of those.
  14. Monkeyboyarmy

    Simp's M920 build thread

    Will you bump up the power on this one too, turbo upgrade?
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