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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Yep, that's why I like to give stuff away. Let someone else worry about picking it up. If you have the room, consider storing it for a little while and offering it up for free to someone in the "Pay it forward" section. I always look at how some people are looking to restore these things on a...
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    Idle RPM vs temperature

    I'm not reinventing anything, my truck has a plate on the dash panel that says to idle it 5 min before going anywhere and 5 min after I stop. Reading about wet stacking, perhaps I should pay attention to the exhaust, but I really only notice black smoke when I first start it up - that goes away...
  3. montaillou

    Idle RPM vs temperature

    Most of them didn't have to fix it if it broke, and it wasn't their money in the truck.
  4. montaillou

    Custom wheels

    Ok, so, looking at (Goodyear, Michelin) retread tires to save $$, and I've got a potential buyer for my tires with adapter plates & even maybe my (4) spare tires. I need to check out the steering to see what offset I'm gonna be using, but it looks like this project is gonna happen for me. I'm...
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    MRAP adapter plate dimensional drawing?

    I plan on carrying one spare with me. I'm building what will be, in essence a tiny house, and space is at a premium. I would hope to be able to swap a tire on the road then bring it in to get repaired, but if the sidewall gets chewed up I'd like the option of being able to order a new tire as...
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    M35A2 engine rebuild?

    If you're not in a particular hurry, while you're exploring the causes you can keep an eye out. I see the occasional good deal come up on engines. I picked up a spare engine a few years ago for under $200.
  7. montaillou

    MRAP adapter plate dimensional drawing?

    My issue with adapter plates are that tire places (I believe) won't touch your wheels with them mounted. Now, if you're working on your truck at home, this really isn't a problem, but if you're on the road away from home, this could be problematic. I've been modifying my truck for some extended...
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    engine alternatives for the deuce?

    I really think it depends on what you want to use your truck for. Those of us that live in the West are usually not far from help in some fashion, even a tow truck that can tow a deuce if necessary. Also, my deuce is slowly moving away from the original in many ways, everyone's got their own...
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    Canvas winch cover,...?

    I saw a thread on this sometime back, I thought the consensus from those present was a cover might trap moisture? I use Tri-flow. Though, I think any water displacing oil would work?
  10. montaillou

    Wood strip bed isolater

    I know the argument about how these things were engineered, but what about plastic? I see this relatively heavy plastic that is dense (pretty close to some hardwoods, though a little heavier), rot free, it's plastic so there is some flex. And it's just not a material that would've been around...
  11. montaillou

    Purpose of wood bed spacer

    So, are you bumping this 10 y.o. thread just ahead of it's anniversary for a reason?
  12. montaillou

    MRAP adapter plate dimensional drawing?

    If you have a CNC mill, could you make 2 or 3 piece wheels and just bypass the adapter plate altogether? Forgive my ignorance on CNC, but I'm looking at custom wheels because adapter plates come with issues.
  13. montaillou

    Speedometer sending unit adapter for 395/85R20 tires

    I do the math in my head. Rather spend that money on bling.
  14. montaillou

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Maybe put an addendum identifying the driver like they do on race cars.
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