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    Australia: Importing US MV's

    Do you have a HR license to be able to drive it? Keep us updated when you start going through the motions - would be very interested. Ben.
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    My toys down~under...

    Hey oztankboy, Where in Brisbane are you? I'm at Cashmere on the northside. Ben.
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    Air Conditioning a Deuce

    We have a similar saying in Aus when we drive offorad. We call it WD40 - Windows Down @ 40kph.
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    Australia: Importing US MV's

    Hi all, I stumbled across this thread and have signed up as I have just started doing my own research on bringing an M35 in Australia because I can't find any for sale here. A bloke I work with's father is a registered import agent and bring all sorts of cars, boats, trucks, etc, etc, in...
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