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    HMMWV Rebuild process

    Where they left NA or reengined with turbo which is what I was saying?
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    Unknown M151 Antenna??? Mount

    I saw a pic the other day of Gen. Westmorland in a 151 reviewing the troops and they had made a pipe hoop from one side of the body to the other so he could stand and hold on to the bar while the truck was moving. Maybe yours had something like that?
  3. nattieleather

    HMMWV Rebuild process

    Not really, just that the vehicle would be brought to current standards. In most cases a 6.2 hmmwv would get demilled because of age. But a 6.5 na might get pushed up to 6.5 turbo.
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    6L90 in my #1 M998

    Great to see you found a solution to the problem of shavings sludge in the first transmission. I'm keeping my eye on this project.
  5. nattieleather

    HMMWV Rebuild process

    Gov. Rebuild projects generally put the vehicle back to current as issued condition. Which means if the engine doesn't pass certain tests it gets replaced, Same for the transmission etc. Generally at a minimum you get new tires, brakes, fluid changes, electrical checked and as stated MWOs...
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    Newly Purchased M37 All New Drivetrain

    Okay because the front frame rails move inward you will need to move your spring mounts for the front axle. Seeing that those axles are for coil springs it sounds like you've got adapters for leaf mount coming your way. I used a Dana 44 HD front and Dana 60 rear out of a M880 to keep it in the...
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    Unknown M151 Antenna??? Mount

    I've been in this hobby for over 35 or so years and I've never seen anything like that on a M151. It looks like an antenna mount, but it's not correct for the AB-15 or the As-1729 type antennas that would have been used with the 151s. Did your MUTT have a previous civilian owner? Maybe they...
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    XM195 Experimental Utility Truck Restoration Process

    Maybe it's just the way it's sitting on the ground and the camera angle, but is the frame warped or bent in some way?
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    M151 GRC/19 Radio installation

    This may be a case of you're going to have to do some fabricating on your own to make the whole thing work. Since I don't think there was ever an official kit to install into the an M151, it would have been as a said above a unit level thing and the GIs would have had to make their own "kit"...
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    Correct nut torque for combat wheel retaining ring.

    The combat wheels were not supplied originally to the M37. They did come on the WWII Dodge Weapons Carriers (WC). You might check the WWII WC form for that information.
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    Thermostat housing question(s).

    Try TNJ Murray. They have been in the M151 parts business for over 30 years. I've bought many a part from them and have never had a problem with quality. Here is a link to the part you're looking for. M151 thermostat Housing
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    What did you do to your M37 today?

    Stared at it for about 30 mins contemplating my next move on its rebuild/conversion. LOL!
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    Specific Contractor Decal search to purchase

    That looks like something you'll have to make yourself. The only suggestion other than DIY is try contacting MCLB ALBANY (if they are still in business) and see if they have any laying around that they could send your way. Sometimes asking politely just get's you the desired results. The...
  14. nattieleather

    M151 GRC/19 Radio installation

    I never put the whole GRC 19 into my mutt when I had it, but I did at one time hare the PCR-25/77 with Am mounted on the passenger's side rear fender and the R-392 mounted on the driver's side rear fender. I love the R-392 great SW radio. I had the R-392 hooked up to an AB-15 antenna mounted...
  15. nattieleather

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    Rest and heal up SC. We want to see your build, but not at the risk of you being in chair the rest of your life. So do as the docs and the health care people say and get back into the pink!
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