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    C & C Shout out

    I just want to comment on a recent order from C&C Equipment. I recently purchased some parts for getting my Deuce ready for my NH inspection. One of the items was a new turn signal switch for the column. When my mechanic installed the switch he informed me it was defective. I called Scot at C&C...
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    Need Wiring Diagram, and Help, for 1987 Truck

    Thanks for your reply. I have copied it to get it enlarged and forward it to my mechanic.
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    Need Wiring Diagram, and Help, for 1987 Truck

    Did you ever get a diagram? I have a 1986 Air Force Deuce and need a diagram. The one in's is not for my truck.
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    New deuce owner seeking advice

    I bought 11.00 20's from Canadian military surplus two years ago. I bought 11 tires at $160.00 each ,plus shipping ,plus $50.00 at the border.He likes to sell on Ebay. All tires were good little wear. Much improvement in steering.
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    best place/way to buy m35a2?

    Craigslist or Kublos. I found my Deuce on craigslist with no pictures. I called the seller to take a look and was very happy with the condition.I paid $6100.00 delivered to New Hampshire.
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    Help ID M37 LWB

    Try Canadian military surplus tires. They deal on ebay or you can go to their web site. They are located near Toronto. I just purchased 11.00x20's from them for my Deuce.Even with the freight and customs they were a great deal.
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