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    CTIS Controller for 1998 M1083

    Hi Guys ... I have searched all over the place for definitive information and have come up empty. Can someone tell me if this controller will work in my 1998 M1083 ?
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    Towing an Off Road / Overland FMTV

    - Have you thought about doing undercarriage LED lighting in case of a break down? It's on my list. NO RGB light show lol " Dang ... hadn't thought of this one! Great idea!
  3. Oski1042

    off topic.... DAKAR RALLY 2021 - Trucks

    South America was brutal for the Dakar. It will be interesting to see how it goes in SA. Thanks for the reminder and the link.
  4. Oski1042

    LMTV Winch Maintenance

    I'm in the process of renovating/replacing as much as possible on my M1083 .... starting at the back. So that means the aft winch roller was one of the first projects ....
  5. Oski1042

    LMTV Winch Maintenance

    Thanks for the note. I ended up warming up the drum after putting in some solvent. After about 5 minutes it definitely improved. I plan to repeat the process a couple of times to try and loosen up and flush out the 22 year old grease (clay) that is in there. I think that should do the...
  6. Oski1042

    LMTV Winch Maintenance

    Wondering if any of you guys have worked on the 11k winch on your trucks? Specifically I am wondeing what I can do to free up the spool on mine. I had a good workout pulling out the cable .... all 308' of it! I have done my standard wander through the TM's and could not find anything...
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    What's the longest box you can mount on M1078 bed?

    It has been an interesting build. My view of this process is that they are such a reflection of the builder and what resources they have at hand. Some people have access to wood ... their camper is wood based. Some people have metal working skills ... their camper ends up metal based...
  8. Oski1042

    LMTV Self Recovery Winches

    Had to laugh when I opened up this thread this morning to find that I had started it 5 years ago! Five years later I ended up buying a new (old) truck (M1083) that fortunately came with a winch. The interesting realization I have come to, as I rip into things is how much space the whole thing...
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    What's the longest box you can mount on M1078 bed?

    With help building the aluminum frame from a talented son that can weld .... I built it myself. I did make a Youtube video of the build that you might find interesting. I gained a lot by watching folk's videos on the web ...
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    What's the longest box you can mount on M1078 bed?

    I am in the process of moving my camper box from my M1078 to a new (to me) M1083. We extended the frame on the M1078 by 36". It worked just fine if you can keep the camper lighter than I did. All in the camper is around 4500#. I really don't think this is a big deal for the truck. After...
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    What have you done WITH your FMTV ( trips, Rescues etc) NOT: fixes, updates etc

    Went west to visit Dave ("Helicool's Helipad") and the Great NW LMTV Roundup in Chehalis WA!
  12. Oski1042

    [SOLVED] 1997 M1088 pressure release valve at 30psi?

    Got it ... thanks. No hijacking intended ... but you answered my question. PS: Enjoyed the video!
  13. Oski1042

    [SOLVED] 1997 M1088 pressure release valve at 30psi?

    So bringing our new (to us) M1083 home the other day, the purge valve on the dryer (old style) stuck open. Made it home ... with just enough air in the tanks. The next day when I took off the "snorkel" (which obviously needs to be replaced) I discovered what appears to be an adjustment bolt in...
  14. Oski1042

    NJ FMTV 5-ton MTV 1083

    Just got off the phone with Progressive Commercial insuring my M1083. Agent was ex-military ... excited to talk trucks. Took 18 minutes to get a policy. Could not have been easier. Thanks for posting that tip!
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