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    HMMWV alternators

    Hello Rich, You didn't state why you feel you need more alternator power and at their high costs unless it's really necessary it's hard to justify the cost for a 200A setup. What are you thinking of running in your CUCV that needs that much power? Especially since the HMMWVs almost never run...
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    Grote Solid State Flasher Install

    Well, that's how I found this posting so what can I say?
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    LED tail lights on the cheap

    I'm still looking for a 10-30v LED lamp to replace the #303 running lamps in the composite taillights. Every LED that I've found is too bright. Is the only answer to paint them?
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    Grote Solid State Flasher Install

    The search feature on SS is a great thing as almost anything you want to know has been discussed here. Take a look at this posting:
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    Ignition Security

    I've used Buchanan crimp tools for years on my military connectors and they're cheap online. While the Daniels tools are what you always see, the Buchanan tools work just as well. Soldering is not a good option as the rigidity of the connection makes it more likely to break.
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    Linkage adjustment is probably the first step to resolving your issue but years back I had a manual transmission in an old MG that jumped out of gear unless I held it in and that turned out to be a bent shift fork inside. If someone tried to jam it into a different range hard enough they might...
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    Canvas cover for RT 246 RT524

    The covers for the 246/524 were issued by the Army back in the '60's and then pulled from service because they would cause the radios to overheat. The circuitry in the radio will turn the fan on if it detects too much heat even if the radio is off. This killed batteries in trucks that sat in the...
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    Light questions

    If you want to switch over to LEDs there are plenty of benefits to them. Lower current draw, longer life, and brighter output. Searching online you can find them priced all over the place and in almost every style and color you want. Just be careful with what you buy. They're made here in the...
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    Engine Temperature Hi-jinks

    These gauges are made by the lowest bidder and aren't always of stellar quality. I had an oil pressure gauge fail at one of the Portland shows and it took me 3 gauges that would match the readings I was getting on a mechanical gauge plumbed into the same location. Of the lot, the voltmeters...
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    4L80E shifter assembly wiring help please

    Here are the 5 wires coming out of the shifter boot: Wire #467 Backup Light switch Wire #14 Neutral Safety Switch Wire # 40 Shifter Legend
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    Looking for a fuel pump in New York

    Save yourself some money, this is the same pump: FYI: I just did this job on a friends HMMWV and there's no good way to push the fuel pump actuator pin back up into the block without removing the...
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    Largest Annual MV Gathering & Swap Meet in the West, Camp Plymouth April 14-19, 2020

    Just checking in on the Plymouth meet. I'm the POC for the HMMWV showcase and also have had limited response as of January 10th. I'd like to invite all HMMWV owners to this showcase to display their variant of HMMWV. Every one I'm aware of in the club and the local area us different and this...
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    Starter Continues to Crank Until I Disconnect Battery

    Your this far along I would suggest replacing the electrical bits with new ones or you'll be doing this again. Walker Truck Parts in Hesperia, Ca has the rebuild kits.
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    Harris modified H-250 handsets

    That connector style has been around for quite a while now so it looks like the only real difference is the bezel around the PTT switch that eliminates the metal plate and the 2 attaching screws. I love the "specially designed for use with the Falcon I, II, and III radio systems" comment.
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