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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Lovely day today! Last week while I was working under my 996 ambulance I reached up and grabbed the right front brake caliper and it rocked all over the place. The bolts to the differential had come loose. To tighten them you need to remove the wheel and tire, the half shaft, and the caliper...
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    Lots of Rain in TX lately

    Home Defect sells 4 x 8 foot sheets of a plastic cardboard called coroplast that's rigid enough for this application and won't rot or mildew if it gets wet. I've used it under my 151 top for years to keep the water from puddling there. It runs about $20 a sheet. It's the same stuff they make...
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    Left Battery cutoff switch on

    Without knowing how you wired the cutoff switch it's kind of hard to guess at what may have happened but generally when you remove power things don't go south on their own. There is no "ignition coil" in a HMMWV being a diesel and the glow plug relay is up under the dash in front of the driver...
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    Am-1780 squeal

    Change the A80 mic amp module.
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    What goes here?!

    I think a 3D printer would be far better than trying to form one of these vents up from sheet aluminum. You'd probably end up with sheit aluminum!
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    Brake Lights

    When you understand the history of the HMMWV you'll understand why some of it looks like your grandfather (great) designed it. AM General has been building military trucks forever and they simply used the same POS brake switch they put into the M151 in the '60's and God only knows how many...
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    What goes here?!

    It's in there...............
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    Brake Lights

    There's a basic flaw in the design of the brake switch system in that there's no free play adjustment in the linkage so you have the brakes coming on before the switch contacts for the lights makes and this gets aggrivated by years of the switch arcing internally and needing to move even further...
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    Starter/Bendix Stuck in Flex plate issue. M998 1988

    I just had a friend experience the exact same thing. The control boxes use cheap Chinesium relays that tend to weld closed keeping the starter engaged. It's discouraging to see garbage used in military products that lives depend on. He replaced them with some better quality Japanese relays and...
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    Brake pad rattle -floating pad

    Go buy a set of calipers from an '87 Eagle and replace them. The calipers only run around $20 and they're a cheap fix.
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    MVCC cancelling the September Camp Plymouth Meet

    With regrets the MVCC is announcing the cancellation of the September Camp Plymouth meet. At our board meeting held at Eagle Field the board voted to wait until the second week of July before making the decision whether to proceed or cancel the September Camp Plymouth Meet but with the recent...
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    Starter Motor Bolts - Which Ones?

    I was in the middle of refuelling one time when I heard a clink under the truck and saw one of my starter bolts had done the same thing. Broken off right at the threads. Since this is a GM engine I went to a Chevy dealer and bought 2 new starter bolts but when I went to install them I found...
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    Stuck oil filter HMMWV

    Get a large socket that will fit the oil filter adapter and remove the whole assembly then you can do this job on the workbench.
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    My New HMMWV

    I was in the Navy and don't feel uncomfortable at all driving a woodland camo HMMWV ambulance around. I tekk people that most gray things are too big to collect! Its not like you're driving a snow camo truck around Aspen in the winter. Here in California very few people are going to run into...
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