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    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    I know it has been awhile since I have posted, especially since the process has been running smooth up until the last few months. I understand everyone's frustration, but I can assure you that it probably fails to equal mine. As to an answer, I have no clue what is going on with the USMC EUC...
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    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    No we are not, not even close...but we are also 3 months into the contract, not 18 years...All of our sale avenues are not in place as of yet, our automated warehouse inventory system is still being fine tuned, and we are working on breaking down lots into more realistic numbers to appeal to a...
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    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    I am guessing that my auction management team feels that as long as they continue to liquidate 85% + of the auction weekly that the current prices are supported by the market. Once the market no longer supports the price, the price drops. Unfortunately, that is called economics.
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    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    There is a Non Rolling Stock Auction Every Tues...and has been for a while now
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    A few things to look for when bidding on an HDT/PowerSystems GET (Gen-ECU-Trailer)...

    Don't forget that DRASH is simply the acronym for Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter, HDT is the main manufacturer now. However, I know when my Stryker Bde first started getting them issued back in the early 00s there were several companies still fighting for the main contract. If I remember...
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    Issues with SF-97

    Currently TSC is averaging about 12-15 working days from the date they (TSC) receives the packet. Provided the packet is good, my team submits them to TSC within 3-5 business days of receiving it from you. From the date you send it in to GP, provided you didn't get an email saying it needed...
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    Gov Planet Title Issues

    If you have been waiting 5 months for an SF97 then you need to call in to customer service or PM me with the item numbers. As of today, SF97s are being sent to buyers within 3-5 days of items being picked up. The only issue we are having right now is with the Montana DMV in regards to HMMWV...
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    Storage Fee's GOV PLANET Updated Enforcement Policy.

    Not sure where everyone is getting their info, but since I am the one in charge of that area, I can tell you that there is no movement to start charging storage fees as of now. We have been taking storage fees out of the proceeds due to a seller if they abandon the item and it is sold under an...
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    Govplanet HMMWV Auctions ?

    I can answer a few of these questions with what I know. Is the the supply dwindling? Short answer is yes, but not just HMMWVs. DLA Rolling stock as a whole has been dwindling over the past several months. This time last year we were receiving anywhere from 150 to 300 items a week (once again...
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    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    The two main warehouses will be in Chambersburg, PA and Las Vegas, NV. Some items will also list from our current sites, as well as regional consolidation points. Basically anything that can be stored outside, Gensets, Boats, etc, will sell in the field. The items that need to be out of the...
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    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    It will be the current GP website. In the beginning, hopefully within the next 30 days, the majority of items will run through our regular Weds auction. Once the Warehouses are manned and running, then you will see a rolling 7 day auction for the smaller warehouse stuff. Everything though...
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    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    We are determined to make this process as buyer/shipper friendly as possible. In fact I am on Day 3 of day long Skype meetings going over the entire implementation plan. As of now, pickups at the warehouses will be almost exactly like our current pickup plan. The warehouses will be offering...
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    Issues with SF-97

    EUC Update 2/6/18 The TSC approved 21 EUCs this week. Here is the breakdown. Remember that the date corresponds to when the EUCs were submitted and received by TSC, and the number is the remaining EUCs from that batch that are waiting on approval: 9/25: 2 10/3: 3 10/31: 1 11/6: 2 11/13: 0...
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    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    That would not be the first time we have heard of that. We also do not plan, as of now, to offer the "mystery meat" triwalls that seemed to be fairly prevalent. Our intent is to break down all groups into like kind items, or at a minimum complementary item into individual lots. Our warehouse...
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    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    That may happen in the future, however, based on how the DLA worded the contract, there is only 1 warehouse per contract. They split the overall Non Rolling Stock into two separate contacts. The reason for this is that the RCP sites will ship directly to one of the designated warehouses...
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