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    Jerky Zerk!

    I have a grease fitting on my front right rear shackle (the upper one) that will not allow grease to go in. I suspect this thing is seizing and I get a loud thump noise going over bumps. Anyone dealt with sticky shackles before?
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    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    Were the bags a simple bolt in procedure, or is there more to it? Pointman
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    LMTV A0 interior door handle project

    After the initial fit, and enlarging the hole in the door panel, we may have a winner here. I needed to add a slot in the door panel and use a ball-tipped Allen wrench to tighten down the set screw. Will post pics of the completed fitment but so far its looking great! Next project for the...
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    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    I would love to see a write up on this repair.. int, Hint... :mrgreen: Pointman
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    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    Reed423, Here is a link to the new kit. $1099 for both sides.. I am on the list as I know my bags will not live forever... Pointman
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    LMTV A0 interior door handle project

    Did and search and found nothing on this, so here goes. I finally had enough of the funky aluminum paddle we use to open our doors from the inside. Don't laugh, but I spent hours looking at every Dorman plastic door handle in the online catalog, and found very little possibilities. My German...
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    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    Yes, that system is well engineered if not pricey at $1,000 ea. That being said, it looks great and all parts easily replaced. The stock used bags that do show up are listed at premium prices, and appear to have be unavailable from what I read. Pointman
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    FMTV LMTV Tire balancing?

    Simp, You are the MAN. So, you can purchase clip-on type wheel weights to fit these rims? Pointman
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    FMTV LMTV Tire balancing?

    As an update, Mr. Filner has a video episode on YouTube where he used 40oz of antifreeze in each wheel to achieve positive results. He's pretty resourceful and this may be something to consider. Pointman
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    Manual CTIS Conversion for M-1078

    Nothing original here. I am trimming down the valve handles (shortening) as they somewhat interfere with other items on the 'hump' and do not need to be that long. Pointman
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    Manual CTIS Conversion for M-1078

    Looks right. I would be happy to post photos of my final system if anyone is interested.. Pointman
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    Anyone swap out their steering wheel?

    Progress! After meeting with my new local fabricator, my adapter project is finally moving forward. I expect it back in two weeks and then we can mount up my 18" Forever Sharp steering wheel shown in previous posts. I also found this on Pintrest in regards to spline sizing on steering shafts...
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    Ether start in the FMTV

    A short 2 second blast of starting fluid in the air filter, and mine starts right up -7 deg in Wyoming is the coldest it has seen. I still plan to get my injection working as this is what it came with.. Pointman
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    m1078 to A1 driveshaft parts source

    As part of my drive-line upgrades leading up to the 3.07 gear swap , I did replace my front prop shaft with 4" unit I found at Eastern Surplus. (I still have the 3" if anyone needs a rebuild-able core.) My drive-line expert in Sparks re-balanced both my front and rear and replaced the splines on...
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    M1078: un-build thread.

    Did you consider creating an exterior cage? Pointman
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