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    MEP-802a tripping Overload

    Milhouse, I've never seen the exact problem you're having with tripping on a load that your 802a should handle with ease, but since apparently no one else has seen it either I'll put in my $.02. It seems to me that the ammeter reading 125% when you are only putting about 85% load on the genset...
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    002a excessive blow-by

    Be aware that those glass tubular fuses come in several different lengths that all look about the same to the eye. A short fuse will fit easily into a longer fuseholder but not provide continuity. Yes, it will drive you nuts.
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    MEP-002A Up and Running with Gauge Issues

    Ray, I believe that many of these gennys have fluctuating gauges because of vibration. The engines vibrate quite a bit and even though the control boxes are mounted on vibration isolators, the rubber mountings are old and ineffective. The meters themselves may have developed bad needle...
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    MEP-003A: Irregular Misfire

    Thanks again to everyone for the recommendations. And I agree that starting with fresh fuel and filters is always the best thing to do, but it's a little expensive these days and I thought I could skip that step in this particular situation. Guess I was wrong, again! Stan, I certainly agree...
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    MEP-003A: Irregular Misfire

    I finally got back to the irregularly misfiring MEP-003A and went down the list of suggestions for fixing it. By far the most frequent recommendation was to put in fresh fuel and clean out the fuel system, so that was the first thing on my list. I drained the old fuel and changed the filters...
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    MEP-003A: Irregular Misfire

    Thanks! That's still the first thing on my list. Hope it warms up a little so I get to do that soon. Richard
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    MEP-003A: Irregular Misfire

    Robbied46, Yes, I agree with you that the quickness of the problem from start to finish is a real puzzle. The duration of an event must be less than half a second. During that brief time, the Hz meter swings down about 2 Hz and the governor arm raises the IP throttle perhaps 0.1 inches in an...
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    MEP-003A: Irregular Misfire

    Jerry, The Feds I got this genny from pointedly mentioned that they had put good diesel fuel in it, and that couldn't have been more than a couple of months before I bought it. So I am thinking that the fuel in there now couldn't be more than, say, 6 months old. It smells OK although it has a...
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    MEP-003A: Irregular Misfire

    Robbied46, Thank you for two good suggestions. A weak fuel pump and/or clogged filters, as you suggest, was my first suspicion also. However, there seems to be plenty of fuel pressure at the input to the IP, although I haven't measured it with a gauge. I estimate 10 psi fuel pressure when...
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    MEP-003A: Irregular Misfire

    Looking for some help from all the smart diesel engine folks on this forum ... I have a recently rebuilt MEP-003A with about 10 hours on the clock that runs very well except that the engine seems to miss a beat about every 10 to 20 seconds It misfires just enough to cause a slight dip on the...
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    Compression Testing on MEP 002A/003A

    Stan, Glad to hear that all the work you put into your MEP-003A has paid off big time, and so soon too. My fading memory tells me that you fixed her up less than a year ago, so you didn't have long to wait for the payoff. Congratulations! :D On the other hand, I sympathize with the tough...
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    MEP-002 Injector pump replacement question

    Yes, the new pump probably has neither the button nor the jesus ring. You can use the ring from the old pump (unless it has magically disappeared during removal), but you'll have to order a new button of the correct size unless you get lucky and one of your old pumps has the correct size for...
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    MEP-002 Injector pump replacement question

    epitts is correct regarding retaining ring removal. Just slip something sharp like a dental pick under the ring and it will easily come out before you expect it to do so. The ring is known as a "jesus ring" because that will be the first word out of your mouth when the ring flys out and sails...
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    MEP-002 Injector pump replacement question

    Ryan, The Port Closing (PC) dimension of the IP is supposed to be stamped or marked with an electric pencil on the same side of the mounting flange as the button number stamping. page 3 shows where the numbers are SUPPOSED to be. But I have often...
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    Removing, rebuilding, reinstalling Hydraulic Head

    "AMBAC" is AMBAC International, curiously not the first link that Google produces when searching for AMBAC, but the second or third result. (Guess they didn't pay for the right consultant to get them first place.) Anyway, the link is Click on the Technical Data Sheets (link on...
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