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  1. richingalveston

    Good Article on the Optimizer

    have not been on here for a while. I did not get the date code info but if you got a dalton 6.5 then it cant be that old.
  2. richingalveston

    ARB Snorkel Warning!

    Go 4" on the snorkel you can get the snorkel head from bretts truck parts in Australia it is a donaldson snorkel head . when I got mine the shipping was not an issue, may be a problem now. I used 4" exhaust pipe
  3. richingalveston

    M1088 camper conversion

    your build is looking really good. Reading through the thread, have you considered just blasting, primer and paint. Powder coat is good but it will add a lot of weight and it is not possible to touch up when you decide you need to correct something or add something after the powder coating is...
  4. richingalveston

    10' Cabover camper on a M1078

    adding a pop up to your trailer is popular with the mud boggers however in order to get a pop up narrow enough to fit the 8 ft width of the trailer you give up a lot. Most small pop ups don't have a bathroom and shower. Even the larger ones the shower is in the center of the pop up and the...
  5. richingalveston

    gmc ovrelander

    I agree with you on build it if you cant find it. I have had no issues with my camper but I have also done some reinforcement on the front. I have legs that attach to a cross bar that runs between the two jack mounts in the front. I have heard of people having the same issue you had with the...
  6. richingalveston

    gmc ovrelander

    I don't have any pictures of the truck with camper pulling a trailer. I have done it with my 18ft flatbed trailer which was hauling a small tractor. It will be November before my truck bed gets here and any more work happens to the overland build. I just posted this now because I think...
  7. richingalveston

    4L80E question

    I recommend a turbo if you go with the 4l80e on a 6.2. I did the 4l80e swap on my 1009 and without a turbo it could not stay in 4th when going over an overpass in Houston. Not enough HP to run the tranny in 4th other than flat land and down hills which it was great for that. I changed to a...
  8. richingalveston

    gmc ovrelander

    Here is the start of my over lander. It is not a military vehicle but works well. I lived and worked in this for 8 months while working storms in Iowa and Louisiana. It is a big foot 9,6 (short bed camper) on my 2018 GMC 3500 long bed. There is a 90 gallon diesel tank between the camper and...
  9. richingalveston

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    great work on the fenders. I did the fronts on my 1009 the same way but the back fenders are still stock, I would like to do the rear part of the opening on the back fender also but it cant move much without messing up the fender well so I am on the fence about it. Not sure I want to change the...
  10. richingalveston

    optimizer long block - hummer 24V or cucv 24v

    wow, I did not realize how long it has been since I last posted about my build. unfortunately I don't have anything new to post except I started working for a new company and it looks like I may have my weekends back soon to get back to work. I still have an oil leak to fix. The roof rack is...
  11. richingalveston

    6.2/6.5 Turbo Build

    one other note, if you get the ORD high clearance cross member and ORD motor mounts then the cross over tube fits between the oil pan and motor mount and will then go in front of the axle under the balancer to the passenger side. makes for a very clean install and keeps it out of the way of...
  12. richingalveston

    6.2/6.5 Turbo Build

    i have a banks 6.2 turbo for sale if you are interested send me a pm. have a bunch of parts to go with it.
  13. richingalveston

    Crank, No start after new injectors... and other maladies.

    remove your glow plugs make sure the fuel is getting to the ip and crank it over until fuel is spitting out the glow plug holes. while you have them out, test them either with a battery charger or jumper cables they should glow pretty quick. if you have an ir temp gun check to make sure they are...
  14. richingalveston

    Alternator issue

    after looking at the pic again, you should not have that many wires connected to the relay. your 12 volt terminal block is empty, most of those wires should go to the 12 volt terminal block and not the relay. Your jumper from the resistor should go to the terminal block and then to the relay...
  15. richingalveston

    Alternator issue

    that is the glow plug relay and yes when the wait light is on then there should be voltage there but when the light goes out it should stop and start to cycle on and off until the engine is up to temp then once up to temp, it should stay off. This cycling is controlled by the glow plug...
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