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    1969 Kaiser M35A2 No Crank-No Dash Power

    I'd start with master switch. Test for continuity. If any doubt replace it. Lights will work even if master is in off position. Then wire brush all batt and frame connections. Sitting for 20 years will put master switch in question for me. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.
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    Air pack rebuild kits

    Thank you
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    Air pack rebuild kits

    😊 Thanks for the reply. Is there one kit brand better than others or just one manufacturing for all brands.
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    Air pack rebuild kits

    Hello all. Are the airpack rebuild kit worth it or just create more problems? Or do I just bite the bullet and get a new unit? Thanks in advance for mature answers
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    M35A2 Alignment?

    My toe in was way off. Tires wore out to fast. Looked it up and heres what I found. Set parking break and chlk one set of duals both ways. Engine off. Safety first! From flat surface measure 18" vertical on front and back of both tires make straight, horizonal line there. Try to find centers...
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    ID Ldt 465 multi fuel salvage eng parts.

    Engine has abt 35k miles. As far as I know is a 1974 vintage. Everything works ok. eng had blow-by. Parts are clean, dry and ready to install. Prices include freight to U.S. addresses. Fuel filter assembly, canister type. $75 Dip stick assembly. $50 Thermostat/housing, temperature and oil...
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    Looking for a hydraulic head for a M35A2

    Hello Frank. I have a very good used complete fuel pump assembly including timing gear for a reasonable offer. Is clean ready to install.
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    New guy from Idaho county Idaho

    Ok. Thank you 😊
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    New guy from Idaho county Idaho

    Thanks. Look me up if this way
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    Favorite noise your deuce makes

    At speed on the highway like everyone else
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    New guy from Idaho county Idaho

    Msg/question for moderators... Where the heck do I sign up to be a paying member???
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    New guy from Idaho county Idaho

    Nice. Iv sold logs to ifg in the past. Worked there some time ago.
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    New guy from Idaho county Idaho

    Thanks... I'll be in grangevill Tuesday if you are serious
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