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    Manual Cab Pump?

    Thanks y'all. I post my findings.
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    Free LMTV Cab Airbags

    I'll mail you the set I tried to give away some months back and you can store all of them together so they won't be lonely.
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    Manual Cab Pump?

    What am I missing? I'm on my 3rd manual cab pump. All of them leak out of the black plastic housing on the back within 10mins of installing them. All 3 have been "new" pumps from one of the "big box" vendors.
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    MAN Split rim

    Anyone got any ideas on where to get a set of tubeless non 2-piece split rims for a MAN/VW 8.136? It's an 8-lug. I know I've seen a set of Hutchinsons beadlock rims somewhere...? Presently they the rims are 20x11
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    You can pick up a cheapo battery tester on amazon if needed. Your main concern is the ability to dial in the type of battery(AGMF,AGMS,Standard Flooded,Gel) and the CA/CCA just to give you an idea of what's in there.
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    M1087 vs bridge

    I wanna see a side shot of your pick-up truck.
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    Put it on a standard charger (2-10amp) over night. Let it cool off for a few hours and then hit it with 40amp for and hour and then let it rest for a while and check it. Do you have any way of seeing amp hrs on your meter? I never really trust voltage for telling the life of a battery. I've seen...
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    Rear Tail Lights

    Ronmar...That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. I was thinking it was gonna be in the switch itself but I wanted to make sure before I tore into it. I was gonna solder in a diode on each side in the back if I couldn't find the source. coachgeo...I tried the 12/24v plugs.
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    Rear Tail Lights

    I get that. I am trying too separate them so I can use different fixtures that have turn, brake, and driving with separate bulbs for the 3.
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    M1087 vs bridge

    What a DOUCHE of a driver!
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    Rear Tail Lights

    I searched with no luck. What am I missing? I cant' find the splice where the brake light and the turn signal wire join. Trying to separate them form each other. Thanks for any help
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    suitable battery replacement for M1088

    I use Red Tops, Yellow Tops, and Blue Tops in everything and never have issues and most of them make 6+yrs. 34 Series
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    M1078 Transmission Problem

    Just starting from the easiest and working backwards.... When was the last time you did fluids/filters in the transmission?
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    LMTV Cab Suspension Airbags Alternative

    Not if you steel all the needed nitbits off a parts truck.
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