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    my new m35a2

    Nice truck, welcome to the addiction!
  2. rumplecat

    M198A1 Transformation!

    I purchased a M198A1 converter dolly a few years ago, very soon afterwards I found a 809 series tractor so the dolly was never used and just set in the cedar woods! I pulled it out last week and what a transformation with just the use of a low power washer!
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    What have you done to your MKT this week???

    Ok, we now have a B17 and 3or 4 more smaller aircraft added to our fly in a couple of weeks. I don't want to make people stand up to eat so how do we sit them in the Covid era without spending all of our time disenfecting after each person finishes eating????? I am thinking of getting some a...
  4. rumplecat

    What have you done to your MKT this week???

    We have "Doc" the B29 out of Dallas showing up for rides on the first weekend in September, at the Arkansas Air and Military Museum, at Drake Field in Fayetteville! Just found out last week so we are going to have to hustle to get the MKT ready for a hot lunch for all and a little welcome...
  5. rumplecat

    Source for quality replacement floormat

    M813rc, that mat looks great! I have a M1008 in dire need do you have the part number?
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    What have you done to your MKT this week???

    All: I have replaced all my rain flys and am having the old vinyl resewn, it is in good shape the thread gave up! My rubber cord is also broken in a couple of places, anyone know of a good source for replacement? I am not even sure what the cord is called so I can look for it? James
  7. rumplecat

    What have you done to your MKT this week???

    Used mine at a couple of events associated with our local air and military museum, served about 600 meals and had a great time! And the museum made some cash!
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    Burma Jeep, Ford GTB, G622

    Not to be a broken record, but nine years later, I still need a windshield for my GTBA!
  9. rumplecat

    MKT setup video 7 minutes,

    It is hard to do by yourself, but they are fun to play with! What model do you have?
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    11.00X20 NDCC Tires on 9.00X20 Rims, Going on an M35A2

    I am thinking of doing the same since I "won" a lot of 15 11X20s! I have seen them on a number of trucks, looked great and we had a few in the guard with them fitted.
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    Max tire size for stock M1008

    I used two inch spacers and a three inch lift with HMMVEE tires and wheels.
  12. rumplecat

    Just purchased an MTVR...

    What a beast! Have fun with it!
  13. rumplecat

    MKT: Mobile Kitchen Trailer - Checklist and Guide

    Has anyone used the 2kW generator that comes with the MKT to run it? I had to replace my converter to run mine, I thought five days on a gen set would have been too much for me to manage and cook!
  14. rumplecat

    MKT: Mobile Kitchen Trailer - Checklist and Guide

    I used my MKT99 at Bikes Blues and BBQ cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for five days at the local air/military museum and only had a problem with diesel fumes when the MBU would sputter or go out! Then the kitchen would fill up with white smoke, but even then it never affected the food taste!
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