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    84 m1009 cucv chevy blazer build-up

    Sorry for the delayed post. Here are photos of my custom-fabricated aircraft preoiler pump and its related piping. The P400 oil pan is heavy cast aluminum, so I welded a bung on the side for the suction fitting and -06AN hose. I then routed the hose around the rear of the head through custom...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Thanks for your post. Looks like a clean engine compartment. Please post more information on the batteries and Solargizer in case other SS members would like to do the same upgrade.
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    84 m1009 cucv chevy blazer build-up

    Nice work. I’m actually using that same port over the oil cooler lines as the pressure inlet from the 24-volt aircraft pre-oiler pump. Suction will be from the oil pan up through the pre-oiler then through a check valve and down to the port. -06AN hoses through the entire routing. I’ll post...
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    Adapter between Transmission and Transfer Case

    Sorry Rick. I forgot about your stockpile of parts. Guess I’m getting old.
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    Adapter between Transmission and Transfer Case

    Just tell John what you have and what you need and he will fix you up.
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    Adapter between Transmission and Transfer Case

    If your truck has the OEM TH400 transmission and NP208 transfer case, the adapter is GM part #14020861. Shown as item #3 in Figure 81 in the -34P TM. Also don't forget the gaskets 14020854 and 8623216. The adapter is probably readily available from John at Hillbilly Wizard...
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    M1010 fire rig to camper conversion

    Now boys, please behave. All that 6.2 needs is a new Turbo Encabulator.
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    M1009 IP Bulbs

    Here's a very informative PDF which explains and illustraates the entire dash electrical system. Can't remember who on here posted it a while back, but it is certainly one of the best documents I have ever seen pertaining to the CUCV dash lights. There are only three (3) bulbs which illuminate...
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    Epic 27MT Rebuild quest.

    I use a large-size paper clip between the starter gear and flex plate.
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    84 m1009 cucv chevy blazer build-up

    I have had excellent service from Huckstorf Diesel in Wisconsin. John Huckstorf is, in my opinion, extremely knowledgable on these pumps and can set the fuel at whatever flow rate you want. He can also furnish you any part you need, such as hybrid lines to marry a mechanical punp to newer 6.5...
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    Sway Bar Extensions

    Cross-over steering and a sway bar will not work together. So I took my sway bar off and threw it away. Zero problems and much more articulation.
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    Cucv 6.2 Sensor identification help

    Driver front = idiot water temp Passenger rear = high idle Driver top rear = glow plug sensor.
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    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    Hopefully soon. I've had 6 surgeries and 2 heart attacks since I started this project. Things seem to be settling down, so maybe this fall I can pull the front clip off and get the show on the road. Rest assured, I will keep my rebuild thread active as soon as the fireworks start.
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    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Say.......... what engine is going to be in that thang?
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    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    Stan’s Headers.
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