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    1996 M-1078 transmission. New purchase

    Thanks for sharing that info, sounds like you figured it out. What did the Allison tech think of using a TID3 transmission with a Wtec 2 controller? The TSM gives some warnings about the controller calibration/ shift adaption for different clutch material. My truck shift pretty hard as well I...
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    1996 M-1078 transmission. New purchase

    The TMs have a chart regarding the compatibility of harness for WTec III and Wtec II harness. The Wtec 2 manual should also have the same as well. Can you post some pics of the harness pin out, I built a harness for my truck using the Wtec 3 tsm and the electrical manual posted on this site. The...
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    Starter not Engaging

    Sometimes a battery with good voltage may not perform under load causing the bendix to not/slightly engage. Mine does it when the batteries and slightly low causing a grinding noise from the starter trying to engage.
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    1996 M-1078 transmission. New purchase

    Look at the WTEC 2 troubleshooting manual, the connector part numbers and harness buildup should be there.
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    MD3070 Clutch Ident

    Hello all, Do any of the transmission experts know a good way to ID what style clutches are installed for the MD3070 WTEC 3. The two options I see are Dynax and Raybestos for the TID2. Each one requires a different ECU calibration. Chart attached for more info. Thanks
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    M1088, Previous Runner, now no power at all... ideas?

    That is an interesting idea what is the max voltage rating for the ones you installed. It would be easier to see a blown fuse than Trying to figure out if the CB is bad
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    FMTV Allison 3070 Transmission - Code 4627 Overcurrent, A-High Solenoid Circuit

    here is a graph I found for temp vs resistance also you might want to check for pushed pins and sockets on the connectors. They can migrate out if the rubber lock is worn. They will not indicate from a visual unless really bad. A good check is to take a spare pin and push the sockets and push on...
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    FMTV Allison 3070 Transmission - Code 4627 Overcurrent, A-High Solenoid Circuit

    What TID # is your transmission and TID # of ECU and first two digits of your CIN on ECU. What temp was your sump during your resistance check of solenoid of 4.1?
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    M1078 won't shift past second gear

    Transfer case plug, I don’t know the part no. it is a 10-6 shell size bayonet plug.
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    Cummins Engine Swap

    Check out Gov Planet item #3664595
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    M1078a1 Missing Transmission TCM

    Yeah I have wtec 3
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    M1078a1 Missing Transmission TCM

    Thanks, will contact them see if they can help.
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    M1078a1 Missing Transmission TCM

    I recently got a 2000 M1078a1 and after doing the receiving inspection the Transmission TCM is missing. I talked to the Allison dealer and they are unable to program a new TCM without the old serial # on the TCM have anyone had any luck with sourcing and getting a TCM flashed? Thanks
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