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    Its cold outside lets talk Heaters, H81, H82, H83, etc.

    I just came to the house to warm up after dumping the fuel tank. You’ve been a great help answering questions for folks on this heater and I wanted to share what I’ve learned about removing the tank. The hard suction hose and the 90 degree brass elbow which goes down to the tank need to be...
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    Its cold outside lets talk Heaters, H81, H82, H83, etc.

    I did blow back through the fuel line into the tank, twice. It cleared the line and it was able build pressure and ran for awhile, then eventually lost pressure entirely. My assumption is that fuel is returning back to the tank when that second solenoid opens and is stirring everything in my...
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    Its cold outside lets talk Heaters, H81, H82, H83, etc.

    Has anyone separated one of these units to get the fuel tank out? I’ve read over the process in the TM but it doesn’t say anything about removing the suction or return fuel lines from the tank. Im not building fuel pressure and when I loosened the suction side line at the pump it was under...
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    Needing help with my H82 heater

    thank you. I‘m around 500 feet so after reading the Tech manual on fuel pressure by altitude I didn’t pay much attention to adjusting fuel pressure down on my unit. I’ll do as you suggested, I do notice excess fuel burning at the exhaust. yesterday I lost all fuel pressure. Today I’ll...
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    Needing help with my H82 heater

    thank you. 120 looks like the correct pressure for my elevation and it has been running for years at that setting. Should I still adjust it down to 80-90?
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    Its cold outside lets talk Heaters, H81, H82, H83, etc.

    How do I go about properly setting up the two heater control knobs?
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    Needing help with my H82 heater

    Ive been using it for a few years now without issue, but the last week it’s delaying me fits. I can go through the startup procedure and get it to light off and make heat, but after cycles “off” and isn’t making heat it won’t go back to the heat cycle and ends with the dreaded alarm/safety...
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    MEP-002a and MEP-003a DC Charging System Test

    Folks always want stupid money for the things I need, I swear its a curse! :razz:
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    MEP-002a and MEP-003a DC Charging System Test

    Does anyone have a line on a working used regulator for an 003?
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    24v charging thru slave port

    Thank you, this is just what I was looking for! I needed a solar option for a gen away from the grid.
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    24v Battery chargers

    Any recommendations on a solar alternative for an off-grid location?
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    Fixing the Model H82/83 Engineered Air Systems Heaters

    Can anyone possible share are picture of the wire connections at TB1 for me on a running unit? I've got two wires disconnected and wrapped in black tape. Thanks.
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    mep-003a teardown and refurb

    Jerry received and finished up the injectors on my MEP-003 today. One was popping at 1,000, one at 1,100 and the other two at about 1,500. They've been squared away and will be back in my hands shortly. Thanks again to Jim for bring this to our attention and to Jerry for fast service!
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    MEP-003 utility outlet has no power....

    Speddmon, thank you for your reply. While I am new to generators I am not an ignorant and am capable of learning new things. When I get to something I don't know or understand I read and or ask questions. Great news, the cut wires have been repaired and it's making power! The gauges are...
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