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    Just purchased a 1986 CUCV D30, 6.2L diesel for my son (first car).

    the short version of "it's not an 86" - while the civilian GM trucks may have had minor design tweaks from 84, 85, 86, etc. the CUCV's built in 85, 86 were built with the 1984 design so best practice when buying parts is to use the 1984 model year.
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    CUCV in Alaska

    this would be my suggestion for a front locker (and / or rear) cable driven so it doesn't rely on air compressor or electrical signal (they do offer air / electric options too). Open diff for driving on the street but fully locked if needed. Also has an add-on...
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    Remold tire from Treadwright anyone?

    +1 for the LT Warden series. I haven't had a chance to see how well they do off-road compared to their inspiration tire but they seem to do perfectly fine in normal driving.
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    Not mine to sell, but wanted it in good hands It's the civilian version but still better served in someone responsible's hands
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