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    Bulbs Burning/Blowing

    Cosco as 24 volt batteries for $78
  2. sue

    Napa 6tl batteries

    In both of our military vehicles (+all of our civilian 12 vehicles total) we just use the $88 Costco 12 volt batteries. 4+ years of service easy. Plus great warranty.
  3. sue

    M35A3 check valve alternative question

    It’s easy to clean, seems like a 1/2” ball
  4. sue

    Squeaks driving me

    Lightly apply pressure on the brake pedal while driving. Have diagnosed some other owners with a supposedly bad u joint. a lot of times the brake disc and pads squeak.
  5. sue

    Milsurp Okies Roll Call?

    Sue here in Tulsa. we have been to the KAMO at D-adventure a few times. Was fun, trail runs etc. been out to keystone dam many times. We have a M-35A3 and a hmmwv. Enjoy them both. Was going down central Texas for the big get together. Corona stopped that.
  6. sue

    Hmmwv is so unique. But I wonder why a few things

    Hmmwv were designed to fit in a chinook chopper, When they go out the ramp there does not seam to be a 1/4” gap all around. Yes I would think that making them 6”? Narrower would have been more prudent, especially in a European environment.
  7. sue

    Charging issues with New alternator

    Just buy a 24-28 volt 60amp one wire alternator, $90-110
  8. sue

    Humvees under 15,000

    We live 5miles from a river that has a little mud, hills and a lot of sand. We’re doors off in warm weather and about 3-4 times a week we throw in a few beers, boom box and go four wheeling and watch the sunset. Had ours for about two years, put in a roll cage because the granddaughter likes to...
  9. sue

    m998 transfer case

    HL is the same as LL except twice as fast, or LL is half as fast as HL
  10. sue

    Recommended coolant?

    Don’t forget filling with distilled water.
  11. sue

    Adding a transmission drain plug?

    Starting it up to run it out,? Not the smartest thing
  12. sue

    Tailgate Rubber Bumpers

  13. sue

    Tailgate Rubber Bumpers

    I bought some from the rain forest, like $1.99 each
  14. sue

    HMMVW roll bars

    Right rear corner diagonal speed brace mount
  15. sue

    HMMVW roll bars

    Looking forward “b” pillar
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