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    WTEC II help-- hesitant downshifting

    Sometimes the throttle cable is out of adjustment and you arent getting full throttle with the pedal down. There is a procedure in the tm to adjust the tps.
  2. Suprman

    Stuck Wedges? Right Side Brakes will NOT release

    Tractors seem to be more prone to pads rusting to the drums. I see it all the time. I chock the truck. Really well. Air up release the brakes and tap a long screwdriver under the pad lip and pop they usually free up.
  3. Suprman

    Stewart and Stevenson Gear Selector?

    I have the keypads and ecm for both wtec2 and 3
  4. Suprman

    LMTV Transmission Selector/ Control - no display

    What year is your truck?
  5. Suprman

    Can the transmission cooler be flipped upside down on a 1083?

    Why dont you make a sheet metal plenum and use a scroll fan next to the cooler. I believe the fan is a pusher it blows down.
  6. Suprman

    M1078 Transmission Problem

    Output speed sensor is usually the engine output speed. Its a common failure item. Its a small inexpensive sensor on the bellhousing and held on by a small bolt. Maybe the connector just fell off. Or it could be a wiring harness issue. Take the grill off. The trans harness meets the cab drivers...
  7. Suprman

    Sergeant surplus in KY

    Anyone have the phone number for Sergeant Surplus in Kentucky?
  8. Suprman

    Lmtv no power on push to start

    Is all the power dropping out after the 1.5sec? I wonder if the batt disconnect relay is shutting off.
  9. Suprman

    Rear tire ctis problem

    The rubber disc inside deteriorates. It leeches our chemicals that corrode the valves metal. Resulting in the above picture. The discs need to be changed out every 3 years and the valve cleaned out. Lmtvs are the same. If you got that new valve on eBay it came from me.
  10. Suprman

    LMTV Cab will not go down

    If you have bad O rings on your selector valves, you may have hyd pressure ending up on both sides of the circuit at once. You can remove a valve they unscrew. The function selector is different but you can swap the cab suspension up down into the cab tilt up down. Just be careful it is possible...
  11. Suprman

    LMTV Cab will not go down

    Is the system out of fluid? How does the hand pump feel? Pump up firm or not? If it gets firm you may have a clogged restrictor. If not firm it may need more fluid.
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