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    M1008 350 swap

    I have a 1984 m1008 I'm putting a 350 in and I'm wondering and I'm wondering about the wiring harness I have the original wiring harness that came with the 350 which is a 79 model k20 engine but what I want to know is will the boss plug on the fire wall fit my gas engine harness the plugs are...
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    Converting my M1008 to 12v with a 454/ ended up going 5.3 LS with 4l80

    How did you do the wiring harness at the main plug and what wires did you use for the distributer and alt wires?
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    My latest project (M1008 350CI Swap)

    Yes they sure did my friends papaws 1985 c30 came factory 350 and hydroboost break system
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    350 swap with 4speed bulldog

    Hey guys I have a 1984 m1008 I'm wanting to swap the old 6.2 out with a 350 and a bulldog 4 speed. I know I'll get ragged about taking the 6.2 out but I'm just not a fan of it I've had it two years and it's just got to go so I want to swap it I have everything to do it with all I need to know is...
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