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    Picture of your Battery Box?

    I see the merit of wiring like that. In the original military setup the batteries in series, call them the 0-12 batteries and the 12-24 batteries, DO get charged differently. I have verified that on the four trucks here and others. The reason is the Niehoff voltage regulators (some models at...
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    TM For M1078A1 trouble shooting Ele?

    TM-9-2320-365-10 is clearly a M-1078 manual available in the FMTV manual section on this forum. Not -A1. Dated 2001.
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    LMTV tires

    If that cut XZL had blown out, all tires of that type would have probably gotten the blame! Or covid. :-) My point it Michelins are not all disasters waiting to happen. Many of us have had decades of good use from older Michelins. Michelins can be abused just like any other brand but maybe...
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    Using my SEE for real work

    Slinging that concrete saw, YOU are the workhorse!
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    FMTV Van VIN starts with "V", does yours?

    Great!!! Thanks! ..and I thought V was for Vendetta. :)
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    FMTV Van VIN starts with "V", does yours?

    My 1994 LMTV van has a VIN number that starts with a "V" but the other LMTVs start with "AT". This is causing considerable problems because the VIN number is being rejected by several insurance companies with which I have done business. The company that insured 3 other LMTVs for me (VIN is...
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    Various dates on an LMTV M-1079

    Fuzzytoaster, that makes a lot of sense, thanks. That certainly is an informative read you listed, something every FMTV owner should know about. Imagine the frustration it must have been working at S&S during that period. Since as early as the '70's, S&S was a great company for what they...
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    Various dates on an LMTV M-1079

    Built 1994, delivered 1996, but box (of M-1079) built 1998. How can that make sense? Would a chassis be delivered and a box added later? If the box was added as an upgrade to an existing chassis, the truck chassis would have been a 1078, seems like.
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    M151 gas evaporating from carb

    Or it could be gas evaporating out of the carb :-) Many carbs have a fiber or other anti-heat-wicking barrier between the carb and the intake manifold. Does the '151 have one? Maybe add one? On my 404 Unimogs this is a common problem. The gasoline now-adays is very volatile and evaporates...
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    M1102 / Gichner S-250 Comms Shelter Camper

    That is an inspiring build! Thanks for sharing it.
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    S-318/G Shelter, Electrical Equipment

    I like the 318's. So easy to step into.
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    Coasting Noise?

    The nature of u-joints is to convert smooth rotation of the shaft into rotation with varying angular speed. The effect increases with u-joint angle. The rapid changes in rotational speed cause a rattle in everything down stream from the joints. Thusly, any play in ring/pinion, spider gears...
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    Axle Shaft removal for towing FMTV

    The OP only needed to pull the FMTV off post into town. Sounds like his problem is solved. Just flat tow it.
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    milky trans fluid.....

    I have tested three transmissions oil and all came back high copper.
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