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    A1R C7 OBD Port Power?

    One other thing I should add is that the port is of course 24v. So a standard automobile OBD2 reader will not work, but there are readers out there that will (for trucks, RVs, etc).
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    A1R C7 OBD Port Power?

    OK, for future reference the center pin (A) is ground. POS (B) is the 12v source....
  3. Third From Texas

    A1R C7 OBD Port Power?

    So according to the schematics that I can find online, the Y-j1939 pins out with the center pin as 12v PWR. According to my reader and multimeter I have no power. I find nothing in the power panel that indicates it is related. All breakers are good and hot. If there a separate fuse...
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    The price of a/c

    Might be a tad small for the LMVT cab, but not sure. I'm thinking more along the lines of 33000 BTU cooling, but that number was tossed out by someone a couple years ago. I've no idea what the Red Dot Gen2 units produced for these cabs had in the way of BTUs (the Gen1's were somewhat...
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    Turned away from camp grounds??

    But we can reach areas that they cannot. Which is the true perk...
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    CTIS works somewhat for the 1st time

    I've found even working CTIS controllers can be temperamental. As a rule I step down from Highway > XC, then XC > Sand, etc. Same with airing back up (ie: Sand > XC then Highway). ymmv
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    Air up to shorten start up time?

    Do you drain the air tanks each night? Because if not, the tanks should be full every morning unless there are leaks.
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    Air Brake issues M1079

    ^This is what I've always read. Don't cap the front or it can't vent (and thus lock up the brakes). There is a way to do it, but it involves dome tinkering and re-routing.
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    Turned away from camp grounds??

    "People hate the military or any associated vehicles " Yeah, in CA. But I can't fathom why anyone but the problem would want to live there these days. Just sayin'
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    A Guy, a Dog, an M1083, and 2700 Miles

    I'd actually suggest staying on the beaten trail. Major Interstates are going to offer far more solutions to any issues that arise. I get what you're saying, but chances of getting assistance are better on a major trafficked highway. And that's an A1R truck. Those seats are actually quite...
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    M1079 question?

  12. Third From Texas

    M1079 question?

    They are to allow for the workbenches (which were heavy enough to easily have cu the aluminum flooring. Same with the ones added to the wall. Basically for reinforcement and wall/floor protection). It's respectable weight loss. Now "can" it be structural? Yes and no. What will be added to...
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    Raised cargo cover?

    Yes, but he has no side curtains. Once you go above 3" you start to lose the overlap of the sidegates and the cover's side curtains.
  14. Third From Texas

    Wehring - Continental AC70 chevron tires and locker

    Look closely and you can see his extensions. Keep in mind, at that height your side curtains won't touch the sidegates/tailgate. Note that his cover is merely a bikini top with no sides.
  15. Third From Texas

    Turned away from camp grounds??

    RV parks are for the elderly. I camp off road or in the parking lot of strip clubs. Because, reasons...
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