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    Divorced Transfer Install Question

    Need some quick input. Installing a NP205 divorced transfer in the Canadian Bug Out M152 and running into some floor clearance issues. Attached is a fast PDF drawing showing choices. Is it detrimental to the 205 to tilt it off access to keep the drive shafts and u-joints in-line similar to...
  2. thmpr

    Headlight area Rust - Patch Panels?

    Dreaded rust under the headlights. Any rust free fenders out there or patch panels? Tried to contact Charles @ mseriesrebuild who made patch panels in the past, but never got a response.
  3. thmpr

    1951 Dodge M43 Ambulance..

    Are you looking for pictures of what the passenger seat looks like without the battery box under the seat ... or do you want your batteries under the seat? Just removed the dual battery box out from under the passenger seat in my M152. Switching to 12 volt single battery under driver's seat...
  4. thmpr

    Canadian M152 Camper/Bugout Mods

    Currently, I am using "LibraCAD", a free, bare bones, 2D drafting program. I'm a retired architect that was once a young gun on the leading edge of the CAD revolution in 1984, even wrote my own software package that worked flawlessly for 33 years. Then, a few years ago, my aging...
  5. thmpr

    Canadian M152 Camper/Bugout Mods

    Hi Joshauk, the 4bd to NV4500 adapter was made by I just went to their site and it is no longer. My kit came with the Isuzu engine and NV4500 I bought together off Craigslist out of Yuma, AZ. At the time, the kit was selling for about $1,000 including the adapter plate...
  6. thmpr

    Canadian M152 Camper/Bugout Mods

    LOL! That is roommate Larry behind bars. Actually, I am attaching the same expanded metal as used on the rack, deck and original window covers to the front grill to tie the whole look all together.
  7. thmpr

    Canadian M152 Camper/Bugout Mods

    5/8/2020 Update Because of Covid 19 and stay-at-home, more has been accomplished on the M152 in two months than in the previous 6. In a nut shell, the Isuzu engine, NV4500 trans and NP205 transfer have been degreased, washed, detailed, painted, assembled together and installed. This was much...
  8. thmpr

    2" receiver hitch on M37

    Be careful with the flat-faced, eBay 2" receivers. M series have an outward structural bend in the rear crossmember below the pintle that would need to be shaved off for the new receiver. Thinking of doing it, but worried about the crossmember bending inward under heavy braking. Maybe add...
  9. thmpr

    hydroboost brakes?

    Just installed hydroboost and new, huge, JF9 10,000 pound gvw master cylinder and hydraulic clutch master under the floor using existing pedals. Easy Peasy! Pedals are closer to the floor and align with throttle pedal for more leg room and better feel. Adding an adjustable Wilwood...
  10. thmpr

    Cowl Vent Gutter

    Need information on repairing a rusted and leaking cowl vent gutter on my M152. is this gutter a press fit to the cowl and removable or is it welded to the cowl? Even if it were press fit, it is probably rusted in place. Has anyone repaired their gutter in place? Fiberglass? Is a NOS or...
  11. thmpr

    Canadian M152 Camper/Bugout Mods

    My M152 never had a Southwind cab heater, just the huge box heater that ran on gasoline. The Gobi is small for easier fitment with 3 adjustable outlets, made of metal, can be painted to match and inexpensive. Got it for a good deal on eBay. For health and safety reasons, I do not want to...
  12. thmpr

    Canadian M152 Camper/Bugout Mods

    Unfortunately, No. I was not that far thinking when I added the garage. Those are just rubber oil drip/fatigue mats. :-(
  13. thmpr

    Up powering an M43, engine swap, engine+ drivetrain, or engine, drivetrain, and frame

    Check out the thread Canadian M152 camper/bugout mods. Similar body to M43. The whole frame swap will be pretty intense. I did that to my 1952 Willys pickup - mounted the body to a long 1994 K2500 3/4 ton chassis/running gear. Had to shorten frame by 6 feet overall (3 feet in the middle...
  14. thmpr

    Canadian M152 Camper/Bugout Mods

    Update 12/5/19 Both left and right wheel tubs are cut and installed with 5/16" welting. They look quite beefy. The hard part was getting the right side to match the installed left side. After monkeying around with the foam-core template for a while, I realized I could simply invert and...
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