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    M149A1 Water Buffalo with A2 Tank.

    It has been used in many ways. Makes a handy remote water source. It’s been used for remote showers, watering deer plots, filling thirsty dog water bowls, washing hands and face without having to go to or inside of house, etc. It also gets used as a pressure washer supply Very handy since now...
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Installed new 6 blade fan (as recommended in another thread) and new fan clutch. Clutch was still working but starting to seep. Zero difference made that I can tell on the temp gauge. Just Additional fan noise now when clutch engages.
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    M1009 Stripped and left for dead.

    Another one saved.
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    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Towed my M149A1-2 water buffalo to a remote location that needed Water. It was full with potable water. 400 gallons. M1008A1 did very well on the backroads with it. Trip was about 18 miles there and back. Love driving the back (Dirt) roads. My speed was about 20-25 max. Zero traffic...
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    Radiator Questions

    I don’t remember the part number now. If you do a search, the thread I started about installing a copper/brass radiator should show up. Has the part number and plenty of pictures.
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    Radiator Questions

    You know a new copper/brass radiator is available right? Do a search for a copper/brass radiator install. I installed mine over two years and it’s been flawless ever since. Pricey, but worth every penny.
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    First MV: CUCV M1008 or deuce?

    I would recommend the M1008. The Deuce can be added later once you get experience on maintenancewith the CUCV. Once you understand the 24v starting system and how to maintain it, the rest is fairly easy. Remember it’s just a 1984 Chevrolet K30 pickup with a few military modifications. Their...
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    M1101 Trailer Backing and Brakes Locking

    The surge brake shock is very deceptive. How can something so small cost so much and look fine and not work?
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    M1101 Trailer Backing and Brakes Locking

    I don’t think the military has a specific name for it. I do know it’s available commercially. Bought mine brand new off eBay. Install super easy.
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    windshield wiper motor ?

    ACDelco still makes them but they are remanufactured, like most of them. Mhas been flawless for over 4 years now. Agree with above post. Get whatever you can and install. At least it’s easy to get to.
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    M1101 Trailer Backing and Brakes Locking

    The M1101/2 trailers use a “FreeBack” backing plate made by Dexter. The M101A2/3 trailers did not have them, which is exactly why they have a hole for a Lockout pin. They are available for the M101A2/3 and work very well. I installed them on my M101A2 trailers. The shock probably isn’t the...
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    M1000 Trailer

    I like the insight of things I’m intrigued with and know nothing about. I knew about the CG issues but that’s about it.
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    M1000 Trailer

    Great pic! The guys standing next to the trailer really provide scale and show just how big that thing is.
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    M720 pump replacement or rebuild

    I would recommend cleaning the best you can with a wire brush/wheel.
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    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Should be good in reusing your bearings. Races might be a different story since their not easily removed. Their not expensive luckily. Dexter or Redline should have a new hub.
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