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    2021 MVPA Convention, South Bend Indiana

    I checked with the Fulton Counry Museum, located about 35 miles south of south bend on US31. Is availabe for camping, meeting up and any staging for a convoy. No charges. Electricity is up by the buildings, water too.
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    M35A3 Owners unite

    I wish I had known about the 4l80 race clutch and vulcanized piston when we rebuilt mine. I don't know anyone that has done it yet....we put in the OEM. First thing I would do if I had it (making 4 x 4) to do again is get 5.90 gears. And locking diff.
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    M35A3 Owners unite

    My A3 was Navy and solid green. Had a shark on the door that is part of "Coastal Warfare Unit" ( which I will restore (with big teeth)). Set up a tank to bypass all of the OEM fuel lines. Like up on the cowl, so no pump. You know the transmission history with this model? I'm still looking...
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    Slave Cable

    I have one with NATO plugs both ends and a tig torch cover. 2/0 cable, 25' long (new not used wire). I simply don't use it. Much longer and they get hard to carry (heavy).
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    MRAP Brakes

    A loud pop may have been frozen pads to disks that let go.....all at once.
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    M35A3 wheel beadlocks

    I see I was wrong....a 7/8 grade 8 is rated to about 500, fine thread. So the bolt is not the weak link. I've been working on the sand trail tire rims which have 24. It makes the A3 rim appear less robust....but that's just my opinion. Since I don't air down, I want enough to hold it out...
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    M35A3 wheel beadlocks

    I read that and note that it gets tight with 1" left and that 350 ft lbs will not seal but 450 will. To me, that is indication that with the tires aired up, we may be close to the limits of our bolts. Do we need that much compression that just getting them together is so tight? I'm sure...
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    M35A3 wheel beadlocks

    The hunt for a narrower one is easy.....they are on all the 5 ton combat singles. They measure 9". The question is, how much compression is needed. With a 1 5/16 bead x2 = 2 5/8". Then 11" - 2 5/8" = 8 3/8". Thus using a 10" actual width beadlock is compressed 1 5/8". Man....that sounds...
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    M35A3 wheel beadlocks

    Measure the thickness of the bead itself. If the new tires are much thicker (bead), like the 16.00 that sue used, then dropping back to the beadlock used in 10" wheels (measures 9") may be an option. Since I don't have any 395s not mounted, I cannot compare with the 14.5. I'll post up the...
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    M105A parts/ accessories wanted

    My opinion, 105 is a bit heavy for the truck
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    2021 MVPA Convention, South Bend Indiana

    I live about 35 miles south of SB. The Fulton County Museum is right on US 31 and would make a good staging area for a convoy. There is overnight primitive camping and room for semis. I'll check with the museum to make sure the date is open. Their calendar shows open. Bring a canoe for...
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    NATO Plugs (Alternatives)

    Inside the NATO plugs the positive and negative come very close together in open air. Within 1/4". With small amount of water, they can have a steady, low drain that leaves the telltale signs of corrosion. If I keep them, for now I disconnect them, but I have used black silicone to fill the...
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    bobbing a deuce then towing

    The PTO used on 5 ton dump and 925 will bolt to the m35A3 with the 1545 Allison. Kits are available for direct mount of a spline/SAE a or b to the PTO. But this is the A3 deuce not early models....not the same.
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    1973 M54 or M51???

    Transfer case lever maybe
  15. tobyS

    1973 M54 or M51???

    If it were cargo, the frame would be cut and crossmembers repositioned. They may be anyway....can't see the back.
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