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    What type of light is this?

    I appreciate your help gentlemen.
  2. ToddJK

    What type of light is this?

    So I got a set of these lights that I intend to use as flood lights on my truck, but I'm not sure due to the the one piece connector, which I've not seen before. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it. Okay, so I figured out it's a spotlight that is wired...
  3. ToddJK

    Vent Hose and What Else to Check?

    It's possible you can have a small head gasket leak into the crankcase causing the blow-by. Could be caused by shrinkage so when the engine warms up the blow by stops, either the metal contracting and expanding or it's the gasket, but it's bound to happen on these older trucks especially with...
  4. ToddJK

    Can’t get this to start…FIXED!!!

    Right now anything is worth a look.
  5. ToddJK

    M35A2 "Big Iron 1-7" (my first Duce)

    Truck looks awesome and glad to see it's still in duty!
  6. ToddJK

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Just the other day I finally got around to fixing my leak. The deuce was still leaking fuel from the IP. Come to find out it was the delivery valve cover bolt on the hh. It had a hairline crack in the mating surface so that's why it leaked and it was only getting worse. I had to hunt down...
  7. ToddJK

    Can’t get this to start…FIXED!!!

    I read this entire post. From my experience, air is a big problem in the fuel delivery system. I had a fuel filter that was sucking in air and had a ever so slightly leak due to a tiny little tear in that rubber seal. The truck didn't want to start and when it did it took forever and lots of...
  8. ToddJK

    Another leaking hydraulic head

    Just shoot an email to the military surplus vehicle dealers like Tnj Murray and Memphis equipment. That's how I got mine. $15-25 for one plus shipping.
  9. ToddJK

    New Member from ME (M35A2 Bobbed)

    Welcome and nice rig! Fella from MI
  10. ToddJK

    Towing a M35?

    Might be worth it to either find a deuce with a winch already or one that has all kinds of upgrades like air powered assist steering ect. If you do electric winches, rarely have I seen a 24v one, which be a good idea to install a 12 v alternator and a third battery if you run a heavy duty 12v winch.
  11. ToddJK

    5 ton battery switch inoperable

    I'm curious to see how these parts hold up since it's from a commercial auto parts store. Glad to see you put a battery disconnect in though, I have 2 installed on my deuce now, one on the dash and one under the seat (passenger). I had an indicator light, said it was 24v capable, but a cheap...
  12. ToddJK

    Halloween MV dress up

    Definitely perfect timing, lol.
  13. ToddJK

    Halloween MV dress up

    Perfect for Halloween, pictures of the beast at night during a good storm! Kinda has that creepiness to it, if you can see the body on the front....
  14. ToddJK

    New guy from Arizona

    Makes sense. These big machines need a good amount of space to maneuver and the lack of power steering makes the space you do have have more valuable.
  15. ToddJK

    New guy from Arizona

    Why not just use a water buffalo trailer or convert a cargo trailer over with a water tank? One tank on the truck and the other on the trailer....
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