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    Speedo correction for larger tires?

    Check on one of the parts sellers like Eastern Surplus etc. you will need to know the specific vehicle and other details before you look into it.
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    Historical Interest: Lawsuit between Allis Chalmers and Continental over injection pump trade secrets

    Thanks for a very interesting read. Many subtle and some dramatic twists and turns along the way. You would not think the humble deuce would have been involved in such intrigue over its engine. It also seems a lot more could have come from Continental and A-C in this area given time and research.
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    M116A3 Jack Leg repair

    good recovery/rebuild. considering what you had to work with impressive. thanks for sharing. I was missing my handle as well. Made one out of long grade 8 bolt and a thin wall steel tube. would like to cover it in something like and old bicycle handle bar grip or similar. probably not...
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    R.I.P.--Dan Dague-Midwest Military

    My condolences to family and friends. so sad so so sad.
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    What are you doing to protect your truck from the Coronavirus ?

    I wrapped an old pair of fatigue pants around the air intake screen and made a panic run to the store and cleared out all the toilet paper I could find. she is such a brave girl.
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    New member from Colorado

    I noticed that the placard on the vehicle indicates : DOL/ETA contractor". that translates to Department of Labor/Employment and Training Adminsitration. As a training vehicle its purpose could have been training for a variety of pumping and transportation of liquids. Sewage, clear,black,brown...
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    New member from Colorado

    Welcome from just up the road in Livermore. Definitely looks like a refueling rig. Perhaps aircraft/helicopters. Is there a reel for a ground wire with a big alligator clip on it? If not fuel perhaps some sort of chemical perhaps?
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    Allison M916 + Mk48 Cab = 6x6 "FEMTT"

    Good to hear from you. Missed stories of your inspiring adventures. Hope all is well or getting there, for you and your family.
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    Colorado Bill SB19-054 RE: (Former) Military Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation

    Rodent, when you got your title did it indicate it was ex military? if it was a cucv it might describe it as only a Chevrolet of a given year. Check and let us know because I thought the five year collector plates were just for civilian vehicles of the so called antique or horseless carriage...
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    Rest In Peace, James "Neil" MacNeill Hendrix

    Condolences to friends and family. Rest in Peace. Thank you for your service.
  11. tommys2patrick

    Colorado Bill SB19-054 RE: (Former) Military Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation

    It does not sound like the rest of us can count on support from Tennessee I suppose.
  12. tommys2patrick

    Colorado Bill SB19-054 RE: (Former) Military Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation

    I also thought that just working on a better interpretation of the law that was passed might be in most of our own best interests. However, this tactic would require a fairly substantial monetary risk on someones part in going the court route. Not to mention a potential battle that could drag...
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    Colorado Bill SB19-054 RE: (Former) Military Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation

    I was down to the larimer county office to get new stickers for plates on various vehicles, all non military. While there I decided to ask about plating a military vehicle. The clerk initially did not know anything about new regulations. Pressing her a little more she finally found the memo...
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