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    1995 Stewart & Stevenson 1078: New Acquisition Need Input

    Great pictures!
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    FMTV Windshield Replacement

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    M1081 Injectors

    That is the NATO Slave Plug. Can be use to jump start the truck if the have the correct cable for it.
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    FMTV Windshield Replacement

    Front Glass
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    Tow Bar Pins - Updated

    Yeah I know, God forbid.
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    FMTV Windshield Replacement

    Picture of your Wubbler, please!
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    Count me in!
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    Stewart and Stevenson Gear Selector?

    Good Luck.
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    Tow Bar Pins - Updated

    Anyone out there have any info where to get new medium tow bar pins, or at least good used pins, at this date and time? (3/4" and 1")
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    MTV Front Left Mud Flap?

    They are the exact same type I use for my 20 foot box trailer. Thanks again for all of your info and help, be safe. Tom.
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    MTV Front Left Mud Flap?

    Thanks for the info! Yeah I was thinking that, but I have never seen a MV or a picture of one with wheel chocks or chains attached. Are the wheel chocks that go in them specific to MV's? If so where can you find them? Tom.
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    MTV Front Left Mud Flap?

    On the MTV, the front left side mud flap, rear side closest to the battery box, what are the structures attached for? Is it for holding something? Couldn't find it anywhere, but I am blind in one eye and can't see in the other! Thanks!
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    Fun LMTV article on Four Wheeler's website today.

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    Need M1083 mechanic in Middle TN Area NASHVILLE? MURFREESBORO?

    Yeah, I seen that, but I had to try. Most likely got rid of it. Oh well, another mystery of the MV kind.
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    Need M1083 mechanic in Middle TN Area NASHVILLE? MURFREESBORO?

    Okay, I just read the thread today. Nothing else since May 2020. You still on here? Sooooo, what happened? Did you get it fixed? Running? If so, what was the problem? If not, what happened with it? Just curious, got to know. Thanks!
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