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    LMTV Alternator Disaster, engine now catastophic

    Cracked blocks suck. Draw a vacuum on the crankcase breather, make sure to pull a vacuum the whole time you are working on it. Spray the cracked area liberally with brake cleaner. Grind the crack, spray again with brake cleaner and apply JB weld to the crack. I fixed a Mazda 12A rotary engine...
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    M817 5 ton Dump, front axle Questions

    The transfer case air cylinder is also prone to leaking. If the leak is bad, the transfer case won't engage the front drive. It's easy to rebuild if that's your problem. Transfer case air cylinder rebuild.
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    FL Title transfer problems!! please help!

    Don't make a long trip until you are sure it will be beneficial. If the title is frozen the local office may not be able to help you. Next time you talk to Tallahassee, ask for the statute that says that you can't title your vehicle. You can ask them if the truck can't be titled, why does this...
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    M1102 / Gichner S-250 Comms Shelter Camper

    Wow, very nice build!
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    Testing the Alternator on the Vehicle

    A lot of people have problems with the CUCV charging system and I have been posting to individual threads in an effort to help people with alternator charging problems. Since I find myself posting the same thing over and over, I decided to put together a short thread on how to test the...
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    Gen1 overcharge

    If it's a new alternator, return it and get another. Have it tested before you leave the store. Since the light turns off when you unplug the regulator I think the truck regulator wiring is ok. The only way to generate a lot of heat in a small amount of time is a high current short/load. Are...
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    Gen1 overcharge

    I've looked at the rebuild kits on eBay. They only have two insulated screws for the regulator/brushholder assy. In an isolated ground alternator they all have to be insulated. The drivers side alternator doesn't have to be isolated ground. If the light is on, it shouldn't charge. Pull the...
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    Not sure what you are doing James. My experience with the permanent antique tags is if you are getting a new tag, it has to go directly through the DMV (I can't remember which division) in Tallahassee. There is a form to fill out and send in. I'll look it up when I get home. Previously, the...
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    This is a link to the FLHSMV procedures manual. Print or tell the tag office employee to look at RS-25 in section 2. FLHSMV Procedures Manual
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    Gen1 overcharge

    No regulation is usually caused by the regulator or something in the alternator being shorted, causing the regulator to go full field. The higher the engine rpm, the higher the voltage. I've had this happen. Rebuilding the alternator solves the problem. There is a link in my signature to my...
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    BS. FL Statute 320.086 says you can.
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    You need an equalizer. You can't pull a lot of current off of the 12 volt batteries without causing problems. If the truck is all 24 volts, a dual voltage alternator won't supply enough current on the 24 volt side if you have AC or other high current accessories.
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    Gen 2 light is on

    You can test the alternator on the vehicle with the engine running by connecting a wire from the B+ terminal on the alternator under test to the #1 and #2 regulator terminals. Just unplug the regulator connector for the test. All the other wires from the vehicle need to be connected to the...
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    Alternator Amperage Output

    Since the truck is all 12 volts except for the starter, the driver's side alternator powers the vehicle if you have the stock electrical system. The passenger side alternator only charges the second battery used for the starter, so it doesn't really add to the system capacity unless you are...
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