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    cooling system spring cleaning

    Have not changed the filter yet. IMO you must flush the heck out of every and all components of the cooling system. I flushed through every hose in all directions with a garden hose. (Radiator/heater core/block, etc.) Ran with just water and flushed again until clear. Then a complete drain and...

    m35a3 air assist steering.

    I have retracted my previous post. Apologize for any misinformation that I may have posted. I confused the Waterloo system with another manufacturers system. My mistake.

    m35a3 air assist steering.

    I apologize if I conveyed improper information. Again, I am sorry if I was wrong in my assessment.

    m35a3 air assist steering.

    I've looked at the Waterloo P/S kit. Fair price. True power steering. Good company.

    m35a3 air assist steering.

    I really want a true hydraulic system. There are some that might be affordable but don't offer redundancy in the event of failure. Where did you buy your conversion from?

    m35a3 air assist steering.

    The torque valves are scarce and reflected in the price if you can find one. I introduced a significant amount of air tool oil into the air side with front of the truck on jack stands. Turning the wheels back and forth. I started with nothing but now have something. I also oil, regularly...

    Canvas winch cover,...?

    I purchased mine from Jatonka. He also did my seat covers. Very nice stuff and he was very helpful with any questions.

    m35a3 air assist steering.

    The air assist system is just that. It assists. You should still be able to drive it even if the system is not functioning properly or at all. Turning the wheels while at a stop will be very difficult, for some impossible. Even when the system is working fine it is just an assist. It will never...

    Allison AT1545 failures

    What temperatures are you guys seeing on your 1545s? Mine is still 15w40 and even after an hours drive with outside temps at 50 I'm only seeing 135 or so degrees on the gauge and verified with an infrared temp gun. I can heat it up to 180 or so if I spend some time climbing hills or driving...

    Deuce hood fixing

    Not to Hijack a thread but how does one align a hood? Sorry for the derailment.

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I made a winch control lever to operate the winch from the front of the A3.

    Allison 1545 Automatic Transmission Specs

    Thanks for the response, Rusty. Looked thru TMs for answers, but I have a hard time navigating thru them. I do have an ATF dispenser (gun) fed from a 110 gal tank. (Own/operate a quick lube). The tank is filled with a multi veh full syn ATF. (Specd for Allison / Allison (C-4 / TES-295 /...

    Allison 1545 Automatic Transmission Specs

    I am planning on doing the MO to ATF conversion on my Allison 1545. I will introduce the ATF thru the check/fill tube. In order to insure a complete and thorough flush what would be the best point to disconnect the flow circuit so that the entire trans and cooling system are flushed. I’m...

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    I fear the plague will move north to NJ. Our dear leader(s) love to lead the pack when it come to absurd legislation.
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