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    New guy from MD

    There are many many threads answering the questions you are asking. Feel free to browse the website - It is a VALUABLE resource. And..... Welcome aboard :grin: Find a bunk, stow your gear, and prepare to get underway :driver: Please keep us posted on your progress with this acquisition by...
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    LYNX KF41: Enough money and you got the best ?

    Will it fit in a residential garage? LOL
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month October 2020

    Decisions, DECISIONS . . . . .
  4. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    MV of the Month October 20

    PB: Thank you for managing this MV of the Month series of threads so faithfully. You investment of time, and your solicitation of entrants is appreciated more than you know. Have a blessed FRIDAY! John
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    First MV arriving tomorrow! 1970 AM General M35A2

    Congratulations on the adoption of your "new to you" 13,500# baby.
  6. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    Broken budd nut

    WOW! And, congratulations on your successful battlefield improvisation. Good job, Soldier!
  7. USAFSS-ColdWarrior


    Please provide a LINK to your "previous posts" to find the information to which you refer those interested in helping you. Thank you.
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    My 1971 Am General m109a3 RV build

    Thanks for the post and pics. Gettysburg is a place every American should visit at least once. And, at this time of year the foliage is spectacular.
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    U-2 Dragon Lady - Time Lapse of COMPLETE TEAR DOWN for Overhaul

    Here's another video that reveals something about the U-2. It takes a team to got one onto the ground, and off the runway.....
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    MV of the Month October 20

    This race is getting interesting!
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    SC m35 insurance and tagging

    I am in TEXAS. Therefore to contribute would be utterly worthless and not applicable to your South Carolina location and INSURANCE LAWS. Therefore, I have simply subscribed to this thread as a casual spectator.... very interested spectator, but just a watcher nonetheless. (I have a cousin in...
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    Free to Good Home

    If you were anywhere nearer to Texas than Georgia I'd be on that toy in a heartbeat.... And, as a "donation" you might even be able to claim a deduction on your taxes if would just figure out how to call it "equipment for the Chaplaincy". (Big Grin)
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    NOS Heater Installation Manual

    Sounds like a good manual to be uploaded into the TM Forum is someone has one. Jus' sayin'. Carry on.
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    Bobbed deuce speed

    You raise an important point. As a follow-up, and from my perspective as a DEATHCARE PROFESSIONAL, I would highly recommend this list of extra documents for the operator: LIVING WILL DNR ("Do Not Resuscitate" Order) POWER OF ATTORNEY for Next of Kin LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT FUNERAL...
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