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    Hard Top or a Soft Top?

    I had a soft top and now have a hard top. It is somewhat quieter now. I do like running topless, especially in parades. I have a wrecker so taking off / putting on the hard top by my self is easier than the soft top.
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    Question on turn signal

    No need to pitch it. Open it up, clean it out as best you can, clean the switch contacts, and lube the switch cams. I have found white powder inside from aluminum corrosion on the switches in my trucks.
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    Coolant coming into cab by heater box?

    Probably the heater core leaking. Very common to rub a hole in the core due to vibration. There are threads on replacement cores and eliminating the rubbing.
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    Weird M939 20 foot bed... Insulated/shielded?

    Mine has a drop-side bed which according to the TM, was specifically not produced due to the length. The bed is similar to a deuce bed in that it does not have the taller (and fixed) sides towards the front. In fact, the troop seats from my deuce fit the 927. I have yet to see another like it.
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    Weird M939 20 foot bed... Insulated/shielded?

    My bed has a single layer of 3/16 “ or so-thick metal
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    Heater motor

    Was the motor 24V?
  7. VPed

    Shock on suspension seat question

    Shock seems to operate correctly.
  8. VPed

    MRAP Rims on a Deuce bolt question

    I think more important than coarse or fine thread is the use of locknuts. I used three inch grade 5 coarse thread bolts with grade C locknuts.
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    ROLL CALL: "West Texas Detachment" Identify Yourselves, Please.

    Those guys at EB are the reason I got into these in the first place. The wife and would be trolling past where there were several big trucks and camping trailers out on beach where no one else could get to with RV’s. I tell the wife we just got to have one. She agrees we should get one. I have...
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    ROLL CALL: "West Texas Detachment" Identify Yourselves, Please.

    Welcome. There are a few of us. I off-road east of town between Horizon and the Clint cutoff. Before rona, we would gather at Elephant Butte. Many of El Paso’s big MV truck owners store their trucks at the Butte.
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    M35A3 with 395 spare wheel in stock location?

    The purpose of the c-channel spacer is to clear the parking brake drum.
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    Bed mounted accessory crane location INFO

    I figured on mounting one of those with the base below the bed so the removable hoist inserts through a hole in the bed. The base would have been mounted to one of the bed support rails for adequate support. This way, one would not lose bed space when the hoist is not installed and you take...
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    Turn Signal Issues

    The switch can be opened up and the contact clean/lubed fairly easily.
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    New Mexico members check in here!

    I purchased from Low price and alternators have been trouble free.
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    M35A3 with 395 spare wheel in stock location?

    Mine is a M35A2. I do not know if my tool box dimension are different from an A3.
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