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    I have joined the Goat herd

    And another year goes by. Any updates? :tank:
  2. Warthog

    I have joined the Goat herd

    Tom, The parts elves should be making a delivery soon of your parts wish list. Nice to have friends in low places for the small stuff. You might have this thing done by the time you retire. ;-)
  3. Warthog

    Goat Parts

    The salvage yard in OK is: Eagle Iron Metal, LLC 4302 OK-29 Marlow, OK 73055 (580) 658-6410 When I stopped by there a couple of years ago they would only sell whole units, They bought a dozen or so. Not sure if they still have them.
  4. Warthog

    I have joined the Goat herd

    Happy 4th Tom. Its been three years and you haven't finished? I thought it just needed the engine buttoned up and it would be good to go. What loser did you buy the hunk of junk from? :grin:
  5. Warthog

    Dash lights and other gauge cluster repairs Read the Instrument Cluster threads
  6. Warthog

    Bypassing the blower fuse

    The left side in in the engine compartment, the right is in the interior and then the fusebox is mounted ontop of the interior block. To learn how to read the wiring diagrams read the first 6 pages of Chapter 2 in the TM 9-2320-289-34. It explains what the wires sizes, labels and diagrams mean.
  7. Warthog

    Bypassing the blower fuse

    There are three components to the "fusbox". There is the physical block that houses the fuses. Then the interior "firewall" block and the engine compartment firewall block. The fuse box portion is mounted to the interior firewall block. Remove the screws and separate the blocks. The wires for...
  8. Warthog

    Bypassing the blower fuse

    I'm confused. You want to bypass the bad fuse holder for the heater but are showing pictures of the engine side of the firewall block. The wiring is inside the cab. Heater fuse will have three wires. Orange power from the ingition switch and two brown wires. One to the heater switch and one to...
  9. Warthog

    Blower Motor acting weird and now truck will not crank. M1008A1

    Glad you got it fixed. Just an FYI, the gen1 exciter wire and the fan switch are controlled by the same fuse. The wiring diagrams do not show this. Shown in Step 5 Your Phantom 50A fuse does not...
  10. Warthog

    New owner m1009 but problems already

    Also always use quality fuses. The cheap made in China versions they sell at Harbor Freight can cause issues. Many of the common repair tips can be found in the Helpful Threads sticky at the top of the CUCV forum
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    M1007 - CUCV Suburban Clone Build Thread

    Any new issues or updates?
  12. Warthog

    I have joined the Goat herd

    Your not done with this project yet? What's the hold up? ;-)
  13. Warthog

    Rt 66 Convoy 2017 MVPA

    Drove out to El Reno to meet up with Gunner USN and Antenniaclimber. It was great to put a face with names. Took Gunner to Sid's Onion Burger for their world famous burger and chili fries. Sorry about the rain but at least you are not driving in it today. Good luck and have a safe trip on...
  14. Warthog

    M1078 Harmonic Balancer and Fan Clutch

    **** Everyone this is a LMTV M1078 and not a CUCV. **** I will move it to the proper forum shortly
  15. Warthog

    M1007 - CUCV Suburban Clone Build Thread

    Tim. If that is the DB4 you got from me it is used and needs a rebuild. I bought it as a spare for the CUCV2 if I ever needed one.
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