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    WTB: 8V71 Oil Cooler for M109 Powerpack

    Excellent. Well, if you can pass on that particular vendor's contact info it would certainly help.
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    WTB: 8V71 Oil Cooler for M109 Powerpack

    Thanks. Google already pointed out the Big Bucks guys ($3000 - $8000) and we've talked to a couple - but I couldn't get that sort of pricing through my budget meeting. The powers-that-be just won't do it....based mainly on the strength of a vendor who had a pallet of them for $950 each but has...
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    WTB: 8V71 Oil Cooler for M109 Powerpack

    Looking for one of these - oil cooler/ heat exchanger from the 8V71 power pack fitted to the M109 155mm Self-Propelled. NSN 2930-01-013-7964 Detroit Diesel p/n 5149054 (another p/n sometimes crossed over to - 5149077 - is just the empty tube center section and won't work out.) I already...
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    Jeep M38A1 radio

    AN/GRC-3 thru 8 radio sets are huge. If the M38A1 had one of those, it would've been in place of the back seat mounted crossways. USMC did that...Army may have too...but it's not that common. Common setup would be AN/VRC-8, 9 or 10 which is the RT-68 transceiver with the PP-112 power supply...
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    Tank Antennas??

    From what I remember, AN/GRC-10 there was usually/only used in fixed-station part of the repeater/ RWI system in Vietnam. I have a Motorola one at work somewhere which I think has a 110VAC power supply for fixed use. I've seen them in pics now and then, but it's always in some...
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    MTS II/ Movement Tracking System

    Because I can't find a listing anywhere, I'm not sure how the connection from the MT2011 rooftop antenna/ transceiver is supposed to connect to the A-Kit interface 'black box' usually mounted on the dash of M923 and FMTV trucks. Every cable out there with the right pin configuration is M/F...
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    FMTV - 24/12 Converter instead of the Niehoff dual-voltage alternator?

    Bought some lightly cannibalized FMTV A0 trucks a couple of years ago and finally getting around to putting them back together. Two have the alternators robbed off of them (Niehoff N1506-1), and since trying to buy a replacement from our supplier friends is almost what was paid for the trucks -...
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    LMTV question

    Yeah. Easily that. And the switches themselves are ****, and have a failure rate I can only guess at. One problematic puppy in my bunch got that switch changed out for an Off/ On toggle because I just got sick of dealing with it. Lol.
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    MTS II/ Movement Tracking System

    Looks like you have EDM units there, which are usually destroyed. Cool. Northrop Grumman got the contract for the FBCB2-BFT2/ JCR it's interesting they're using DRS Technologies hardware because that company held the original FBCB2 contract. Again cool. Those *should* work in...
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    LMTV question

    Just some observations running the LMTVs I'm responsible for at work vs. M35, M800 series, M900 series we also have. The M35A2 sort of sets a standard that's hard to beat. In a SHTF situation...I'll take one of those. It starts every time - it will run with no alternator input beyond the...
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    MTS II/ Movement Tracking System

    So, finally had some time to play with my MTS II tablet, keyboard etc. which was obviously part of the same large lot someone was selling on Ebay there for awhile, which I believe a number of us picked up. Since it had no cabling or anything I'd basically just left it for months - but now it's...
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    Anyone have a spare copy lying around they care to part with? I'm playing around with some SeaLevel ACC-188 stuff on SINCGARS but can only go so far without the software/ drivers.
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    Harris cables?

    Lots of Harris stuff seemingly on the E-place right now though most of it appears KDU and programming-related.
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    HMMWV Glow Plug Gospel

    The old box design used Clum and Trombetta mechanical canister-style relays to send power to the glow plugs. KDS Green and KDS Yellow used SCRs, which are sort of transistor switches (3 mounted on a heatsink in the one design and 4 in the other, from what I remember.) KDS Yellow uses a...
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    HMMWV Glow Plug Gospel

    That's the latest version I know of, so you should be good. I have those in two of the ones at work with no problems encountered. So far :)
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